Level 8 FC for sale

Discussion in 'Brynhildr' started by Fightie, Sep 2, 2014.

  1. Fightie

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    Selling my FC "Airborne Brigade" because it doesnt do anything anymore and i want to join another one. Its level 8, so you have all the fancy perks unlocked. i have a small house in Mist on ward 5. i forget the plot number but its along the beach. just look for the the FC name on the placard. house has furniture and lots of other stuff in it. i decorated it pretty well with the little bit of money i had left over after i purchased it. its going for 3 mil. its a pretty sweet deal for a lvl 8 FC on beachfront property. check it out and lemme know so we can set up a meeting ingame.

  2. Rick Shellhouse

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