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Legacy server or new?

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  1. Finnalie

    Finnalie Adventurer

    So time is approaching when people must decide on their server for launch. I personally plan on rolling a brand new character, but that still leaves one decision: legacy or new server? I certainly won't be the only one having to make this choice, so I was curious what you guys thought were the pros and cons of each?

    Legacy Pros:
    1.0 Character data (if applicable)
    Established economy
    Mixed level of characters, population distribution
    Large amounts of dedicated players

    Legacy Cons:
    Possibility of monopoly for economy
    Feeling of being behind
    If you want to roll Arcanist, there will be a LOT more who already have every other class capped rolling it as well

    New Pros:
    Everyone is on the same playing field
    New community full of old and new players
    Chance to get ahead in crafting and make lots-o-gil.

    New Cons:
    Possibility of mass exodus 2-4 months in as people get bored (not as likely in legacy servers since they have had populations since 1.0)
    Everyone will be choked up in the same few zones for awhile
    No economy
    No high level crafters that can fill the market

    Anyone have any additions? And what do you plan on doing?

  2. Since I've started playing, I'm honestly not sure. At first I was set on Gilgamesh because it seemed like it would be the most populous server, but now I'm considering rolling on a legacy server because of the fine folks here.

    As of beta, I'm playing on Ultros since it's going to get deleted anyway and I feel like soloing right now.

  3. Aster

    Aster Crystal Brave

    People join mmos that are years old with players high as hell with limited items that'll never be released again.
    Not sure why legacy servers should be treated any differently from this. I personally would love to be surrounded by experienced players that'll help me.

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  4. It's a little bit different compared to other MMO's in this game, mainly because they aren't a ton of expansions out for it yet. This game is definitely new player friendly even on a legacy server if you ask me.

    And having experienced players like yourself is one of the main reasons I'm seriously considering rolling on a legacy server. They're full of people who obviously love the game and have a good attitude towards it. New servers are usually chocked full of "I wish this game had [insert WoW-esque thing here]" players who will quit the game anyway after a month or three.

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  5. Aster

    Aster Crystal Brave


  6. Finnalie

    Finnalie Adventurer

    That is exactly what I was thinking. I guess I'm just somewhat fearful because I do plan on going Arcanist and everyone who has already capped all the other classes will be it as well - may be hard to find groups etc :meh:. But I am leaning towards a legacy server..

  7. Don't worry, I plan on tanking. :p

  8. Aster

    Aster Crystal Brave

    That's what level sync is for and not everyone has all the classes capped

  9. Krestfallen

    Krestfallen Adventurer

    This is actually one of the reason I'll (probably) be rolling on a legacy server. I've been around for the launch of several MMOs, and everytime I know that everyone is starting out as fresh as I am I get overwhelmed by a near obsessive need to "keep up."
    Knowing that there are already people established well ahead of me will actually help me conquer my own inner demons and make it easier to play at my own pace :p

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  10. Fybrile

    Fybrile Administrator

    Someone on another thread finally decided this debate for me. I was honestly considering going new... but then, after being in the alpha & beta test forums, I've decided to stick with the people that have already proven they are fans of the game. They shouldn't really be titled "legacy" and "new" servers, IMO. They should be titled "Long-term" and "Short-term".

    As for the fearmongering you hear regarding the problems with the economy on a Legacy server, ignore it. For, at the very least, these three reasons: 1) all the materials I saved up for 2.0 are no longer used in crafting. 2) there will be a ton of gold dropped on the new items in game right off the bat, leveling the playing field a bit (things like FC housing, new gear, chocobo armour, etc.). 3) there wasn't a problem with the economy before 2.0, why would there be a problem after?

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    JMATAWWCL Moderator

    I plan on playing long term. Getting into the beta has seriously jolted me. I'd like to roll a legacy server, if that is what a majority of people on here will be doing. I can genuinely say I like the people I have met here, and would love to play on the same server as some of you.

  12. Syn

    Syn Guest

    Legacy, trust me, it won't be this big deal people are making it out to be. Legacy server all the way, established community, established economy. It's worth it I feel. LEGACY4LIFE!

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  13. Aster

    Aster Crystal Brave

    ^What the Hyur said. (Oh wait I hate hyurs) DON'T LISTEN TO IT! xD

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  14. Syn

    Syn Guest


    I'd switch to Male Mi'Qote but... oh wait NDA! Damn... maybe another time.

  15. Arekkusu

    Arekkusu Adventurer

    I'm going new. There will still be plenty of experienced players there to help you and leveling up with you as well! If I played 1.0 I might consider legacy just to get my old character back but that not being the case I want to be part of the development of a new server. :)

  16. Danforth Wright

    Danforth Wright Crystal Brave

    New game -- New Character -- New Guild -- New Server -- New Fansite/Community at the Realm!! That simple for me. I'm ditching my 1.0 character(s) in the hopes I can relive the glory of being a noob once more.

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  17. Scape

    Scape Crystal Brave

    So much is different about the game then before, that I have no problem dropping all my capped jobs and starting over. With just about everything being redone and new, I would feel like a high level noob if I played on my leveled character. Also, I have the feeling that these new servers wont just be new players. I think a lot of the players will be people who have prior experience with FFXIV and just want to start over. Not just that, but I think one of the cooler things about FFXIV is cross platform play, and I would think that the majority of PS3 players will be new players on new servers. The more the merrier!

    I fully understand why someone wouldn't want to give up all that time they put in though.

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  18. seriousry

    seriousry Crystal Brave

    I love that brand new server smell.

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  19. Finnalie

    Finnalie Adventurer

    I honestly figured the legacy servers would be a more popular choice. Interesting.. and I didn't really take into account the fact people who had old characters would feel like rerolling fresh. The game DOES feel like a whole new game, so it makes sense. I guess I'll just eenie-meenie-miney-moe it. ;)

  20. Najla

    Najla Scion

    ^Pretty much what he said.
    My husband and I are going with a new server, like the idea of starting my character on the server's birthday as well :D

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