Lebensohl's Guide to 4* Turn ins

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    What is BB Good Fish?

    In order to get a high quality increase from BB, you need to use a Great Strides buffed BB when it is good/excellent quality.

    The guide is focused on trying to get a good BB on IQ 10. Note that with IQ 11, good is not necessary. IQ 9 is generally not advisable, but if you hit some excellent while building your IQ stacks you may have enough quality.

    So as soon as you press Great Strides, you want to hope in the next three steps you see a good. So you use Innovation and Ingenuity II to try to search for a good proc.

    Don't worry about using BB without steady hand up, it is still 90% which is very high. You can forgo steady hand in the final steps and instead spend it on innovation (which will give you more quality gain)


    Be very disciplined. The majority of your FC3 losses should be from reclaim, if you do Good BB fishing you should have a 50% chance of hitting the good. So about half of the time you'll have 70% Quality (with a 10 stack of IQ), the other half of the time you'll have 20% Quality.

    There are many different situations. You will need to learn to adapt.

    I don't like the Rapid Synthesis method because
    1) It is an extra cross class action, WN is very efficient
    2) It hampers your ability to fish for a Good BB proc
    3) You don't have flexibility of when to use PbP. This method allows you to put PbP in situations where you don't have Steady Hand up. For example SH2->ToT->WNII->HT->ToT->HT->PbP, or if you are at 25/30 durability and you don't want to refresh SH2 before you MMII

    And yes Ingenuity II gives you a small quality buff (like 3%), the simulators are wrong

    Demonstration of it in action: http://www.twitch.tv/laststandb/c/5448362 (40 FC3s for 3 Masterbooks). (I didn't know my mic is on, and there are a lot of dropped frames because my internet sucks)

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    The is indeed the coolest, most challenging thing to craft since FF14 history!
    I had fun so much that I rushed all 8 classes all in 3 days! LOL
    Maybe I'll desyn more bridesmaid's shoes later, and do this all over again for fun...

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    Very insightful. I'd been doing something similar but with the first Waste Not after Master's Mend II; your way has a number of advantages.

    One thing I find helpful is knowing how much CP I need to choose one option over another. If I calculated correctly, at the beginning of Step 2, you need a minimum of 200 CP to take the Hi-CP Option and still have at least 88 CP for the lowest cost ending. This assumes you haven't already paid for one or more Piece by Piece actions earlier. You could also do it with 180 CP and hope for an additional Tricks of the Trade, or 160 CP if you're desperate and want to hope for two.

    For me with only 391 starting CP, it takes 5 Tricks of the Trade to be able to afford the Hi-CP Option. To be able to afford the Low-CP Option plus 88 CP for the ending requires 155 CP at Step 2 (at least 2 Tricks of the Trade for me).

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