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    (Copying format from my V1S post) I've been raiding a lot through PF lately. For anyone interested in progressing through V3S, I thought I'd share some experience and suggested resources.

    Ok so I haven't actually cleared this one yet. But considering its a very mechanic-heavy fight, and memorization is by far my weak point, I've managed to get a pretty firm grasp on ALL of the mechanics using these resources. I'll update with personal experiences when I have some worth mentioning.

    First and foremost, here is a series of graphics explaining the mechanics and how one group handles them. Keep in mind some mechanics are handled differently by different people, but this is a phenomenal study tool;

    If you can't properly read the text on your mobile device, downloading the imgur app to view it there helps (it's also a better place to save higher quality versions of the images to your device).

    Unfortunately Graehl Gaming doesn't have a guide for this yet, but that's ok because MTQ did a great job on this one. If you study the above link a bit, I have no doubt you'll be able to follow along with MTQ's explanation, in addition to seeing some variation on how mechanics can be handled, even if you've never entered Savage Mode yourself.

    Unfortunately I don't have much more to tell at this time since I'm lacking firsthand experience, but I highly recommend these 2 resources, and I hope to come back with more useful experience to share.

    Additionally, here's some general PF tips I've picked up on for this fight, followed by phase by phase tips.

    • Upon entering V3S you may find your group using a seemingly foreign strategy for organizing the party to handle mechanics—a strategy that they like and no doubt consider "the best way of doing it" because it makes the most sense in their head. There's a lot of people making sense of the fight differently, ultimately the most important thing is just that you know where to go and when, regardless of this particular party's method of choice for Waymarks, player signs, etc. So unless they're saying to do something that is actually wrong, just run with it.

    • Stay close to the boss whenever you can to better handle mechanics throughout the fight.

    • Queen's Waltz is the primary mechanic of concern in his fight, as it will vary depending on the floor tiles of the arena which change with each phase and in the final phase displays all previous floor tiles at once. Familiarize yourself with it according to the displayed arena floor. Here are Queen's Waltz's relative effects.
      • Queen's Waltz (open)
        P1 - Standard (diamond) tiles: Linear AoEs at each player. Spread around the boss in predetermined positions to avoid getting hit with multiple AoEs
        [*]P2 - Grassy tiles: DPS will Tether to a healer or a tank. DPS run South (avoiding vine patch tiles), and healers and tanks run North to break the tethers.
        [*]P3 - Black and Blue tiles: Black tiles deal damage (oneshot you, I think) so stay on Blue tiles
        [*]P4 - Gray tiles with library books on them: A tile-size book lands on each player's tile causing severe damage, so each player stands on their own designated tile to avoid multiple books/person.
        [*]P5 - All tile-types: previous mechanics will apply depending on which tile the boss is standing on.

    P1 tips

    For "Holy Spellblade" focus on your tether and who you're connected to so you know how to position yourself. Too many people focus on the wrong things and get confused, you just need to know if you have a marker and who you're tethered to, and then you'll know where to move.

    For Queen's Waltz; the boss will always be facing North if tanked correctly, however the bosses position in the room might vary a bit, so be sure that you can always get to your designated cardinal position in a hurry when "Queen's Waltz" is cast. To do this, move back to the boss immediately after handling the Holy Spellblade mechanic.

    @Main Tank,

    Before you pull do a 15s countdown and immediately activate Awareness when the countdown starts. This will keep Awareness active for the first tank buster and have it come off CD just in time for the second one. Remember to always use Awareness for this tank buster when you can alongside another defensive CD

    Always face the boss North. Ideally parked in the dead centre of the room, however the Holy Spellblade can complicate that, so worry more about the direction the boss is facing than the positioning in the room. If you're pulled off your position by Holy Spellblade, immediately spin the boss to be facing North, and you can then reposition her in the centre after dodging her randomized AoE (linear, circle, or donut)

    P2 tips

    This is the grassy arena. As soon as the arena appears, determine which directions are safe and which have vines to be avoided. DPS will run SW or SE and healers and tanks will run NW or NE according to which spots are safe in order to break the Queens Waltz tethers.

    The most likely thing to cause a death in this phase is "Mindjack". MTQ had a great tip for this, basically everyone will be in the middle of the arena and you want to position your camera so that the arrow on your debuff is facing the direction you intend to run to break tethers, then turn your character so it's facing forward on your screen (so that you're looking at your characters back while the debuff points in your preferred direction of travel). Once the debuff counts down, your character will turn in the direction the debuff was pointing and run that way. It's a good idea to pop sprint before the countdown reaches 0.


    When the boss casts "Token Placement", the OT should be preparing to grab the add when it spawns and the MT should be pulling the boss to the far corner of your safe zone (so NE or NW where there isn't vines), and once there spin the boss around so that you're not pinned between the boss and the wall (this is to dodge boss AoEs, as well as putting you in better healer range). OT should only move the add if it's necessary to keep it out of range of the boss, and otherwise pop a CD and burn the add.

    P3 tips

    P3 is the black and blue tiles. Stay on blue tiles whenever possible. After the second "Token Placement" when the party is trying to determine the safe blue square, keep in mind that you have a lot of time to find your location. Also, you're better off running through the AoE circle in the centre than trying to go around it (it's there for a very long time and going around will take longer, possibly killing you).


    Remember to use CDs when the first add spawns. OT should be placing the dragon from the first "Token Placement" so that it roughly overlaps the boss, but far enough North that the party can fit comfortably between the MT and the OT without getting cleaved by the dragon. Basically MT and OT on the same tile but at opposite ends of it (roughly) with both enemies facing North

    P4 Tips

    In the library phase stay in your designated square whenever possible. When it comes time to eat the books on the outer edge of the arena, stay on that square until after Queen's Waltz.


    Buff hard for the Apanda and position it in the centre of the room over the boss so melee can comfortably burn it from their squares.


    If the next phase is handled correctly you'll get 3 new LB bars, so this is a good time to use it since the Apanda can be kinda rough. Some parties like to melee LB the add and some like to caster LB both, it really doesn't matter.

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    Added some tips from my experiences. Getting close to the clear.

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