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    Okay, I've read tons of information on this and still am kind of confused so here's my interpretation of; let me know if I got it right lol.

    You will be able to switch freely from class to class after you reach a certain level and equip a certain weapon, and use moves from said class you switch to if you return to your original class?

    Maybe that was worded sloppy, so here's an example;

    I make a Pugilist, I hit the level required and I visit a Conjurer's guild and learn the Conjurer class. I hit the same level as I did on pugilist, and decide to switch back to Pugilist. So now I can use Cure while playing as a Pugilist?

    Seems like there will be no real diversity in my opinion unless their secondary class abilities won't be as effective as the original class using it.

    Sorry, I'm just really confused about this lol. I still love the game though no matter the answer. :D

  2. Madrone Damodred

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    You have it right on both counts. Your Pugilist would be able to cast Cure. Since Cure is based on MND and he has nothing to boost Cures like a Conjurer does, his Cure will be less effective. Level 10 is when you can join other guilds.

    It seems to be you get one cross class skill slot per 5 levels. Not every skill can be freely used. Disciples of Magic don't get weaponskills for instance, and Archer doesn't either due to the major difference between a melee weapon and a bow. Magic when used by classes that don't develop with a lot of MND or INT is likewise weaker in their hands.

    When you reach the point you can change to a job, you will start to gain job-specific skills. You will lose some of your cross class slots as a job (half as many). You also will only be able to choose cross class skills from 2 other classes, instead of from all of them. So the class is more flexible, while the job is more specialized.

    CNJ/BLM for instance. Thaumaturge can use a lot of CNJ skills to cast healing and support spells. When he switches to Black Mage, he can only set skills from Archer and Arcanist, and half as many as he could as a Thaumaturge. However, he'll have access to Black Mage skills to make up for that loss.

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    Just to give you an actionable example. My lancer was level 11. Before that, my Conjurer got to 12, so I was able to use Cure, protect, etc. When I'm on my Conj, my cure will almost completely heal me up. 1-2 casts tops and I'm all freshened up. On my lancer, that same cure will take 8-9 casts which is just about all of my MP to heal me up. Needless to say, it's there to make soloing a little easier, not to turn lancer into a healer.

    You sort of looked at this backwards. Rather than limiting diversity, it opens it up and gives the player a ton of new options to use across all different to enhance whatever role you happen to be filling.

    Other than that, however, you had the right idea.

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    Oh, thanks to you both for clearing that up! I see now lol. Also, Luko you're right I suppose. About it helping make solo'ing easier. I guess I should go learn some Thaumaturge spells to be able to use with my Conjurer to make questing a little easier with 1 or so more offensive spells.

    Thanks again guys :)

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