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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aspect of winter, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Aspect of winter

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    I have a few questions about the newly added Job system which extends upon the basic classes.

    1. As we all know, you can change your class at any time by equipping the proper weapon/item. Is there a limit to how many you can level up on one character however? Or can you earn a max level character in every single Job if you wish and have the patience to grind it out?

    2. Once you reach a certain level in your Armory class you can pick up that class Job. Let's say you level up Thematurge and get Black Mage, but then you decide you want to finish leveling up Conjurer so you can get White Mage and be a healer if your group needs it. Can you only have one job at a time? In other words, do you have to do the quests each time you want to change jobs, or do any jobs you've unlocked stay unlocked along with the corresponding weapon?

    3. Do you think/is it planned that there will be more than one Job to choose from per class in the future (kind of like Talent trees from WoW)?

  2. Joygasm

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    1. Yes

    2. Job is more of a piece of equipment to best compare it. You can resume leveling classes and jobs take the same level as the class it is augmented from. Shorter: You don't level jobs.

    3. Probably not, there are a plethora of single combinations they can do in the FF universe.

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  3. Answa Martes

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    Actually, to number 3, there are a few quotes from Yoshi-P out there where he expressed his desire to make a Class attuned to more than one Job (he gave an example of GLA being both PLD and DRK).

    The rest of your questions are answered by Joygasm's short answer: you don't level jobs. Your job's level is its class's level. So, for example, you're on your CNJ level 37. you equip your WHM soul, BAM! you're WHM 37. The quest lines that were used in 1.0 that allowed for job growth became available every 5 levels starting from level 30 (at which level you can unlock the job). These are class level, mind you. Their completion is permanent and are linked to your job soul. If it'll be identical to the system in ARR, I do not know, but we have no indication to the contrary.

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  4. Orien

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    Yes there are definitely plans to have more than one job associated w/ classes. There already going to give ARC something more than BRD or there is going to be a serious flood gate of QQ. There already was within the tiny community that 1.0 had. I actually like it, but I understand the desire for a more "rangery" advanced class. As well as perhaps a piratey themed one w/ limsa involved. I think that would more likely be a Mrd + Musketeer Adv Job though.

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