Is GP working as intended for gathering?

Discussion in 'Crafters & Gatherers' started by Vhalor, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. Vhalor

    Vhalor Adventurer

    For those who have done crafting and gathering, you'll know that for crafting you get crafting points ("CP") and for gathering you get ("GP").

    For crafting, CP is an amazing system. Your CP resets to full for each single item you craft, thus each item is a sort of mini-game in terms of maximizing the use of your CP for the best possible result (and best XP yield). Getting +CP gear is incredibly important and even small amounts (e.g. +1 CP) can be a gigantic increase in your crafting potential.

    For gathering, GP seems... broken. Your GP does not reset to full ever. Instead, it regens slowly while not gathering, and it regens a small amount (+5 I believe) for each successful gather during a gathering attempt.

    Why is this a problem? Well, for one, it seems that +GP gear is more or less pointless. As opposed to CP, where even an extra +1 or +2 CP can be a HUGE deal, adding extra GP doesn't seem to matter because once you've spent some, it's just going to regen at the same rate and you're just as good at 400 GP as you would be with 800 GP. And on the other hand, some of the abilities for gathering seem to cost way too much GP. "King's Yield" for example, which gives you double yield on a particular gathering point (i.e. each gather gives you 2 mats instead of 1), costs 400 GP, meaning you'll have to go around several circuits just to use it once. The reward of 4-5 extra mats doesn't seem to match up with the immense 400 cost.

    Am I missing something about GP? Is it working as intended?

  2. fluttersnipe

    fluttersnipe Crystal Brave

    I dont feel anything is wrong with it so far, I think it retens slowly so you dont spam the piss out of your abilities, and make leveling trivial.

    Also you can increase your maximum GP, just look for gear that says X+GP on it, where X is the value.

  3. Vhalor

    Vhalor Adventurer

    Indeed I know you can increase your maximum GP, but is there really a point? Unless having a higher GP increases the GP regen rate (let me know if that's the case), I don't see why having a ton more GP would make a difference (you can just keep using an ability each time you regen to 400 or whatever amount your ability requires)

  4. Nehym

    Nehym Crystal Brave

    It wouldn't really be fair to have the GP reset everytime we gather something. We could use the 75% boost in gathering and added HQ chances on every single hit, along with every other ability... Sounds a little OP to me, specially at the rate harvesting goes, which is -fast-.

    It's a matter of choosing wisely when to use what ability. And for that reason, added GP on gear do make a difference to me. I try to always use the added HQ chance whenever i get added gathering attempts. and so on. I manage it that way.

    I don't think it is meant to be an infinite ressource. More like CP or mana, we need to manage it accordingly to make the most of it. So having more GP actually means having more possibilities in that regards.

  5. AGx-07_162

    AGx-07_162 New Member

    I think the point got missed here. Using it isn't really the question, it's whether having more is really important and now that I think about it, I question it myself.

    For example, 1 extra CP could mean the difference between me being able to use Advanced Touch (48 CP) or having to use Standard Touch (32 CP). Conversely, if I don't have enough GP for what I need, I can just wait until it refills and THEN do my gathering. On one side, the gear is important. On the other side, you can achieve the same results by waiting which, at some point, you'll have to do anyway as having a 80 GP larger pool doesn't mean very much more than you might be able to go to a few more nodes before you need to refill.

  6. Kredo

    Kredo Crystal Brave

    well I think having more GP is good because you could use more skills. I would love to able to raise quality chane and gathering rate on same node. The gathering rate can be highly unforgiving. I hate getting nothing at 98% percent chance of aquiring.

  7. Balaur

    Balaur Crystal Brave

    I have no difficulties with this as it is. I run around as a Miner, hit King's Yield/elemental Ward of choice on a node on the appropriate node to reap the benefits, then run around to the other nodes until I'm back to 400-500gp, then repeat. That's all you do at that point. On timed nodes, instead you have to be a little more tricksies, boost my gathering to 100% (50-100gp, depending), increase HQ quality by a bit (~300gp), make a strike, hit skill to gain an extra action, then strike, strike, strike, and on the final strike go for 100% HQ. The yield already provides you with multiples on timed nodes, so increasing them for the base items isn't necessary just on a (low) chance you'll get HQ otherwise.

  8. Demens_vir

    Demens_vir Adventurer

    As Balaur said, gp is useful for L50 unspoiled nodes. There is normally only 1-2 up every 10ish minutes so plenty of time to regen.
    Personally i go for quantity as it is fairly easy to turn NQ into HQ if you have the gear/materia.

  9. Nyekun

    Nyekun Crystal Brave

    I did meld some GP for being able to get 2 Deep Vigor attempts but after a while, I just didn't care anymore as I could still make my 1star gear HQ with any NQ items and probably even 2star with NQ as it's honestly not any harder than 1star gear.

    All I basically do now is use King Yield II for ~25 items.

  10. Fybrile

    Fybrile Administrator

    I feel that the Gathering Points system works really great! It's fine-tuned to make sure I can't overuse some powerful abilities very often - which not only makes using the skill feel more impactful, I'm sure it also must assist in making sure botting isn't the universally-preferred method of gathering.

    You are, however, right about attaching more GP to your gear. The returns for having 10-20 more GP aren't equal to, for example, 10-20 more perception. The system of GP itself (which is what your OP seems to call into question) works fine. But the GP materia - which you clarified later as your main issue - is undoubtedly underpowered. It'd be nice to see a zero added to the end of each of them.

  11. Cynessae

    Cynessae Crystal Brave

    The only issue I have with GP is that, when switching from a non-gathering class to a gathering class, you start at zero. This is an issue when trying to farm unspoiled nodes at level 50, as you may be doing something else waiting for certain nodes to spawn, then, when you switch to your gatherer, you're at zero GP, and even switching an Eorzea hour before the node you need spawns, like I usually do, still requires you to wait a little bit at the node itself just waiting for GP to regen.

    This would be less of a problem if alchemists could actually make Cordials, but, of course, one of the most useful potions in the game, they can't make and are rather expensive because of their limited quantities, but that's a whole other ball of wax...

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  12. Lodius

    Lodius Crystal Brave

    Despite what my signature shows (as it refuses to update) I am almost level 50 botanist... I think the GP system is fine.

    If it reset every single time then I could go cast "Field Mastery 3" Which grants +50% increase in chance to gather then "Leaf Turn 2" to increase +30% to High Quality Chance.

    There would be way to much HQ stuff floating around and the market would fall hard.

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  13. Balaur

    Balaur Crystal Brave

    I'm sure you understand the reason for this, though. I mean, as far as starting over at 0 GP when switching. Else, you could just switch classes, then back to a gatherer and wham! back at full, as though having expended nothing. Yes, there should be a way to craft Cordials. I sold all mine when leveling MIN and made a fair amount of money, but I have more patience to use GP when it comes to me. Imagine crafters also getting CP pots? Just 50 at max would be a lifesaver, with the ability to imbide while crafting!

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  14. Cynessae

    Cynessae Crystal Brave

    You're right, there's a reason for it out in the field, but they can get around that as simply as doing what they do with ability cooldowns - you can have your GP restored to full when switching to a gathering class only if you're inside one of the three major cities. Your abilities don't go on cooldown while you're in the cities, why should you start at zero GP? You don't even start at 1 HP and zero MP when you switch classes, so the GP thing makes little sense from that regard. No one is going to zone into and out of a city to refill their GP between gathering nodes. (Even if they just give us 100-200 GP when switching it would be a help. Our HP isn't full when we switch to a higher level class, but it sure regens extremely fast, unlike GP.)

    The thing is, they're adding unnecessary time to gathering unspoiled nodes at level 50 by requiring people to switch to a gathering class long before they actually have to gather from said nodes, and I'm not huge on time sinks just for the sake of wasting time. There are always ways around the problem. The issue is that they either don't see it or don't want to do it, and that's where I'm having an issue. I don't see why GP has to regen from zero when switching to a gathering class while inside a city.

  15. ArkhamNative

    ArkhamNative Crystal Brave

    It would be nice for GP to either start at the level you left it at when you switched out of your gathering class, or better yet, start at the level it would have regenerated to since then. Starting at zero seems excessively harsh, though I wouldn't mind as much if a full GP regen was as short as abilities' cooldown when switching battle classes. Or maybe the best solution would combine all of these plus add the class switch cool down before you can gather anything.

    As for CP and GP comparisons, the three systems (crafting, miner/botanist, and fisher) are almost completely different. Only crafting is a well-designed, complex and interdependent system of its classes, with strategic abilities to manipulate the process. Gathering lacks lots of that complexity, and of course fishing is a completely different gathering process that doesn't even use GP.

    I see what the OP is saying. Gathering is almost the inverse of crafting (one session for multiple results, instead of multiple manipulations for one result), yet the gear stats for GP don't reflect this. GP stats would work better as a +GP per "tick", both for each successful gather attempt and at each idle time regeneration "tick".

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