[IMPORTANT] Possibly the hardest boss in the game!!

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    I've finally encountered Final Fantasy XIV's hardest boss fight and i'll be sharing with all of you the process of this boss fight.

    This boss is known to many even without having prior knowledge to the Final Fantasy merchandise and its called the <Login Boss>

    1. The first step some players would encounter is the black screen FF14 launcher with nothing on it, hoping to wait it out can sometimes be a lost cause. This black hole sucks the life and patience out of many unsuspecting players and can be a hassle to pass. Successful players would advance to phase 2 while others fail and get cursed by a 2146697205 system error. Whopee..

    2. FF14 layout appears on the launcher with no words at all, causing confusion and chaos. It seems that the words have all despawned and getting it back will take ages. No, wait.. forget it...

    3. FF14 layout appears with words! the words are back!!! one thing left missing is the entry boxes for your login ID and password. These options have sensed a disturbance in the force and have decided not to appear at all. Best of luck, you might never see them again.

    4. You're lucky enough to have entered your login details and the boxes have not escaped, or so you think. The play button on the launcher is playing mind games with you and casts invisibility on himself. Time to wait for it to wear off? Guess not...

    5. Hurry you made it past phase 4, phase 5 can be a bitch. 4 options! start, cinematic, configuration and exit. It's 4 choose 1 with a 25% probability of getting it correct! OH WAIT! the start button is blacked out! what dumb luck, your probability has just dropped to 0%. Maybe you could choose exit, i heard that's a great option.

    6. Passing phase 5 have a chance to receive a buff or a debuff. The good thing is you are able to see characters now, oh that sexy white mage, he'll buff you with protect! On the other hand, the boss inflicts you with 5000 damage and a lobby connection error. Tough luck, you have to restart from phase 5 again.. or 1...

    7. Just as you are about reach for the characters in the horizon a coin is flipped, either NA or JP. If you're lucky, you can see all the characters.. if not.. well.. tough luck...

    8.Yes you reached the end of the boss, the loading screen.. here's the tricky part.. if there are more that 5000 players trying to fight this boss at a given time, the boss would cast either a number queue or a full queue, try again later and you'll immediately have to GTFO. on the other hand, if Lady Luck is on your side, you'll defeat the boss and join your fellow battle buddies killing squirrels and ladybugs.

    (the world beyond is still plagued with uncertainties and for all you know, your desktop will greet you with a warm welcome if the game decides to crash on you)

    The famous Aristotle once said, If at first you don't succeed, try and try again.. now here's a gun, who wants to shoot him? Just kidding..

    *This post is made out of pure humor and lameness. It is also to point out ("unclearly") some errors players are facing. It'll be nice for it to get fixed, even their official forums are lagging

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