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If you clear binding coil on PC, How do you unlock the trophy for your PS3/PS4?

Discussion in 'FFXIV Questions & Answers' started by Don, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. Don

    Don New Member

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    As above.

    I heard that the main scenario trophy can be unlocked by completing another quest.

    What about Binding coil? How do you unlock it for PS3/PS4?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Hulvein Blitz

    Hulvein Blitz Crystal Brave

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    You clear it again, on PS3/PS4?

    You can clear it once a week. Just do one of those on PS3/PS4, and trophy unlocked. I would assume it works like that.
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  3. Cynessae

    Cynessae Crystal Brave

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    It could also be retroactive when it sees you doing something that you can only do after you clear Coil. It might realize, "Hey, this person can't do Y if he didn't clear X" and bam, give you the trophy. I know that is how some achievements worked that were slightly altered in patch 2.1. Some people were getting two at once because one was given out retroactively when the game noticed that they couldn't have one without having completed the other.

    Just a possibility, I'm not sure exactly.

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