if i buy final fantasy 14 collector's edition do i get beta access?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jesper, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Jesper

    Jesper New Member

    Well i wanna buy FFXIV collector's edition but i want to know.

    - Do i get beta access with it?

    - And how do i get early access when the collector's edition arrive the 27 of august??

  2. Skittles

    Skittles Adventurer

    For the first question, no. You have to have signed up to receive beta access to the closed betas; although, people have been reporting luck with receiving keys from Square Enix via just emailing and asking for one. (There's a thread, somewhere in this forum, that had more information on that -- but it's also how my friend received a PS3 beta key).

    With the second question, I've heard that you'll be able to download the client directly and then input a code they email you (with the other promotional codes for the in-game items) to get access to the game. As a note, I haven't heard this from an official source, just other players who pre-ordered the game. (I have yet to do so, kinda need to get on that, myself). When it comes to the PS3 I believe the client will be downloadable from the PSN Store and then you can input a code to get in, but again, I've only heard this from other players who pre-ordered.

  3. shaolinsword

    shaolinsword Adventurer

    Someone on Facebook is giving away codes but my friend got my code for me so I'm not sure what page it is

    I've already got my early access code so although its not official, Skittles is probably right

  4. Phantomere

    Phantomere Adventurer

    Hmmm The German PS page was giving out free codes, but it appears to me that the page is now removed. It may just be me, so I asked people to clarify, but if the page is gone, you'll have to look elsewhere for a code.

    And regarding early access, I think that we'll just be able to carry our characters over from Phase 4 open beta testing over to the launch. Again, I only heard this from others, so it's not official, but it does make a lot of sense to do it that way. I've also heard of what Skittles said, but the former seems like a much more likely event.

    If you're on PS3 and you're having trouble finding a key, let me know. I copy+pasted my codes from the German PS page, and I could give you my ps3 code. Again, it will have to be for an EU Square enix account though.

  5. dboi52

    dboi52 New Member


    I would GREATLY appreciate one of those ps3 beta keys if you still have one. i understand its an EU code and i have a friend DYING to play this weekend.

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