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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cyay918, Sep 25, 2017.

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    Hello everyone. Going to keep this as short as I can. My wife and I have played Warcraft together since it was originally released all those years ago. But we are quite sick of it. We stopped playing a few months ago and don't miss it at all. However, we do miss spending time together on and MMO like that.

    I started looking into Final Fantasy and it looks amazing for us especially since it is more story-driven than Warcraft. Not to mention you don't have to worry about grinding alts and such which is incredibly boring. I played Final Fantasy 11 online a long time ago and really enjoyed it. In fact, that is how my wife became a gamer because I had her fishing for me in that game whenever I wasn't able to play. Eventually I showed her how to fight low-level monsters outside. From that point on she has been hooked.

    So we are both coming to Final Fantasy as casual gamers. My question is... can we play duo in a party together with just her and I from the very beginning? I know we have to join others for instances. My main concern is that if I play one job and my wife plays a different job, can we meet up at the very beginning some how to start questing together right off the bat. We want to experience this game together instead of going our own separate ways the whole time.

    thanks in advance

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    Hey Cyay!

    When you start the game your starting city will be based on the class you pick

    Gladiator, Thaurmatage, and Pugilist are in Ul'dah (a city in the desert)

    Lancer, Conjurer, and Archer start in Gridania (city in the forest)

    Marauder, and Arcanist start in Limsa Lominsa, (a city just off the sea)

    If you start in the same city you'll be running around together there, however at level 10 (a few hours into the game) you gain travel to other cities and can start playing together then if you started in different cities.

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    Gosh, I totally thought this thread was a spam, LOL, and so I ignored it for day, waiting for it to be deleting, only to see Matty's reply just now.
    Hi Cyay, I highly recommend you and your wife to have at least one of you pick up either the TANK role or the HEALER role. When I started this game, my gaming partner and I both picked DPS, and that made the wait time for our dungeon queues incredibly long.
    Gladiator and Marauder are TANK roles.
    Conjurer is HEALER role.
    All others are DPS roles.
    Arcanist starts off as DPS role, but can be changed into HEALER at level 30.

    So, some good combinations for you two would be (1) TANK + DPS, (2) HEALER + DPS or (3) TANK + HEALER. This will ensure you guys always have fast queues with dungeons.

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