How do I THM?

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    I like to make things go boom. So how do I play the new THM?


    THM has changed in ARR to add some complexity to its playstyle. When you cast Fire spells repeatedly, you gain an Astral Fire buff that increases Fire's damage and mp cost in an escalating way. When you cast Blizzard spells repeatedly, you gain an Umbral Ice buff that boosts mp recovery. These each also lower the mp cost of the opposite element's spells, but that is not the way you want to switch between them.

    There's a level 6 ability (Transpose) to toggle this buff from one element to the other without resetting it, which is what would happen if you just started casting the other element without using the ability. As you get higher level, you will be able to stack these buffs in 2 and eventually 3 tiers. Using Transpose preserves and converts the buff to the other element, allowing you to get the best damage by casting Fire spells until mp is low, then switch mode, and then get mp recovered using Blizzard spells, then switch mode and resume Fire spells.

    Low levels:

    If worried about surviving, pull with Blizzard (inflicts heavy so mob will take longer to get to you).
    Stick a Thunder for DOT.
    Use Fire repeatedly to for high damage. MP will run low fast.
    Use Blizzard repeatedly until mp and Transpose cooldown is ready. (3 casts or so)
    Can restick Thunder if the enemy still has a lot of health.
    Resume Fire

    Stop what you're doing and try to get out of the way when you see a mob charging a special move. They can hurt! This is nigh impossible in midcast though.

    Mid levels:

    Add Sleep to the mix if you need to when solo. It'll give you a break to reposition, Cure, and recover mp on Umbral Ice mode. Initial damage of DOT spells will wake enemies, but if you stick DOTs before sleep the DOT damage doesn't wake them.

    Surecast- Good for when things you're fighting hit hard or if you know a strong move is coming (target circle) and can't move bc of casting. Good for a Cure or Sleep if you're in critical and still taking hits. You'll get a trait to make it so it has a 15% chance of having no recast time. Its a 30 second recast normally. I'm finding I'm under-using it. :(

    Strongly consider leveling CNJ for Cure, Aero, Protect, and Raise cross skills. Level Archer to 4 for cross skill and 15 for Black Mage job. Level Arcanist for cross skills- unknown what they are at this time.

    Scathe, instant cast at level 15. Not very high damage. You get a trait down the road that gives it a 20% chance of doing double damage. Aero from CNJ is also instant cast and adds nicely with Thunder. Instant cast spells are good for sneaking damage in on some types of FATE, where targeting is difficult because mobs are dying fast. Good for a quick finishing move and might spare you from 1 hit you would have taken by casting a longer spell.

    If you can cast a few Blizzards now and then, you have basically unlimited MP for Curing. With CNJ skills you can main heal in lower-mid levels and with Sleep you'll be controlling adds.

    High levels:


    Some notes on Thunder

    Thunder may not appear to do much, but it has a pretty strong DOT effect. At level 28 you'll learn a trait (Thundercloud) that will make Thunder spells get a 5% chance per "tick" of DOT that casting another Thunder spell could have the effect of:

    Doing all its DOT added to the initial damage
    Costing 0 mp
    Casting instantly

    This will really shine when fighting things that live longer than a few durations of Thunder's DOT.

    Initial damage and DOT duration increase with each Thunder tier. We're talking overall 190 potency for Thunder, 250 for Thunder II, and 300 for Thunder III. And if you're recasting towards the end of its DOT after level 28, you should have a 15-20% chance of doing it all as an instant/free burst of thunder damage.

    Cross class skills

    On Black Mage, you'll be able to pick from Arcanist skills (unknown at this time) and Archer skills. You'll have to level one of those two to 15 to unlock Black Mage (think its Archer). However, there's a lot of utility for Thaumaturge in Conjurer skills.

    Archer skills

    Raging Strikes (4) Increases damage dealt by 20% for 20 sec. Cooldown 3 mins.
    Nice damage boost. You may not set it much until you get several cross slots though.

    Hawk’s Eye (26) Increases physical accuracy by 20% for 20 sec. Cooldown 90 seconds.
    Hopefully your magic accuracy will be good enough that you won't need this.

    Quelling Strikes (46) Reduces enmity generated by each attack. Lasts 15 sec. Cooldown 2 mins.
    Nice way to do more damage and stay under hate threshold. Lot of work to get it though.

    Arcanist skills

    Unknown at this time

    Conjurer skills (for THM only)

    Stone (1) Deals earth damage with a potency of 140. Causes Heavy +40% for 20 sec.
    Pretty much like Blizzard without the Umbral Ice. Slightly lower potency (140 vs 150).

    Cure (2) Restores target HP with a potency of 300.
    High utility. You can main heal at low levels.

    Aero (4) Deals wind damage with a potency of 50. Wind DoT for 18s with 25 potency.
    Nice to stack with Thunder. Instant Cast like Scathe, good for swarms of mobs kind of FATEs prior to learning Scathe.

    Cleric Stance (6) Swaps INT and MND attribute ratings, while increasing potency of attack spells by 10% and reducing potency of healing spells by 20%. Effect ends upon reuse.
    I wouldn't bother with this... it winds up being a wash either way. You're putting your higher stat to use for healing, but taking a 20% healing potency hit. You're taking a lesser stat for your nukes and only getting a 10% potency boost. If you can make it work for your role and gain a boost and not lose too much utility, then do it.

    Protect (8 ) Increases the physical defense of all party members within range of target. Lasts 30min
    Nice utility if you're not in a group where someone else has this.

    Raise (12) Resurrects target to a weakened state (Low HP/MP/TP). Cannot be used in combat.
    Nice utility if you're not in a group where multiple people have this. When it comes to a partial party wipe- you want one of the survivors to have this.

    Stoneskin (34) Creates a barrier around target that prevents physical damage totalling 10% of target’s maximum HP. Lasts 30min.
    By this level, you probably won't be the one casting this. Should be a good skill to help you while solo though.

    Other class skills of note for THM:

    MRD : (both look good for solo)
    Foresight (2) Increases defense by 20% for 20 sec. Cooldown 2 mins
    Bloodbath (8 ) For the next 15 seconds, all successful offensive abilities will heal you for 25% of the damage dealt. Cooldown 90 seconds

    PGL: (solo stuff, and those crits!)
    Featherfoot (4) Increases evasion by 15% for 10 sec. Cooldown 90 seconds
    Second Wind (8 ) Instantly restores 15% of maximum HP. Cooldown 2 mins
    Internal Release (12) Increases critical hit chance by 20% for 15 sec. Cooldown 1 min

    LNC: (lot of work and by the level you get Blood for Blood you may be playing THM less than BLM)
    Keen Flurry (4) Increases parry rate by 20% for 20 sec. Cooldown 90 seconds
    Blood for Blood (34) Increases damage dealt by 20% and damage taken by 25% for 20 sec. Cooldown 80 seconds

    Nothing really stands out

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    Nice thread for beginners!

  3. Caleisa

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    Thank you for the post! It's been a while and this was a great refresher. :)

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    This will really help beginner's since I wasn't even 100% how it worked myself good work :)

    Seems like THM will be doing as much micro management keeping an eye on thunder dots and mana recov/cost/astral as CON lol.

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    Ha, Subtle Vamped very subtle.

    I'd do it but I'll wait for Madrone to C+P it into a guide box lol.

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    When you switch to the Astral Ice it's a good idea to put back up thunder as it doesn't affect the buff. At least that's what I did lol and I love how the new sleep work! Doesn't heal the mobs now! As long as people are assisting the tank you can sleep mobs in the dungeons and really help out on the dmg the tank is taking.

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    Seems you can Scathe to the mix after 15 (while doing Blizzard), and that its good for swarmy fates (instant cast).

    DOT doesn't effect sleep. Sleep/nuke strategy is pretty good. Wound up needing to use that in the lvl 15 quest, so I could get a break to Cure/potion/Umbral Aura myself. So if you're fighting something hard and you're going to need some healing/repositioning/mp recovery breaks, plan to stick Thunder and Aero (when you get it from CNJ) right before Sleep.

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    Yeah I found Scathe useful when I had to move. It doesn't do great dmg tho. Blizzard does more. Maybe with the trait that increases it's dmg by like 20% it might do better dmg. Sleep came in handy on the level 15 main story quest too with the mage and the gargoyle.

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    I would even go so far as to suggest starting your toon as CNJ. Pre-10 is doesn't matter so much, but Cure and Protect address the weaknesses of THM. Also of note is that as a THM your Cure heals for only 1-2 HP less than a CNJ as all of the low level caster gear has both MND and INT on it.

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    Hmmm so the DoT part of the spell doesn't actually wake a sleeping mob? I hadn't experienced this as Thaum was the lowest of the 3 I was focusing on this past weekend. I find this a bit odd generally speaking but nice for in game purposes, lol. Just find it odd as any sort of DoT in most games whether it be magic or a bleed type tends to wake things. Ah well, like I said this is nice for the purposes of game play.

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    Updated original post with notes about Thunder, cross class skills, more mid level info, some notes about healing, and a little more formatting.

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    Very nice guide. I have to say that I was surprised with how much I really enjoyed THM. At first it was pretty boring, switching between Fire and Blizzard(Also if you notice Astral Fire STOPS MP regeneration, I didnt see that mentioned), but once I got Transpose and Sleep I felt my mechanics change almost instantly. The Class felt much more dynamic and fulfilling to play. I only got it to 12 for Blizzard II(Which I see as more of a Party Ability as more than one Mob on THM is death Solo).

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    This week, I played some other classes and I'm still all about Thaumaturge. I remember the dramatic changes in gameplay as you level up. I got mine to 25, and was wearing all green or pink gear.
    I love the "ramp up" involved with THM. There's a lot of variation in spell-management. Ideally, with full MP, you want to transpose into Astral Fire as soon as possible; although it is _extremely_ easy to pull agro from a tank if you start spewing Fire. Though honestly, with decent gear, it's not hard to pull agro with Blizzard. Once you can stack multiple Astral Fires/Umbral Ice, your damage output skyrockets. THM is a very damaging class, and I was seeing triple digits by level 21 on a regular basis...

    And a note/observation on DoTs. It looks like when you have multiple DoTs on a target, their damage is displayed cumulatively every tick. When you get Thunder II, and if you cross-classed Aero, then you have 3 DoTs. It looked to me like their damage was displayed all at once; somewhere in the 50s.

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    I don't think I'll main it, but I'll definitely make it a side job. Our of all the Classes I've done, I think my top 3 are GLD, LNC and THM. THM definitely has the biggest change in game mechanics as you level, which makes it quite interesting.

    I'll be honest, I've forgotten to do my Transmutation and ran out of MP a few times already....not proud of it but it happened.

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