How do i get an airship pass

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Xemnas, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. Xemnas

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    Hi im a level 15 lancer in Gridania i was wondering when do i get a pass to ride airships lol also ive done the start quest when u first have to kill the monsters that look like giant snails then the black mage comes so you kill him aswelll sorry if this in not clear typing this on my phone lol
  2. KeyLime

    KeyLime New Member

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    Follow your main scenario questline and soon, you'll be given your airship pass to deliver some messages to the other leaders of the Eorzean Alliance.
  3. Casamyr

    Casamyr Member

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    Around level 15 or so, you should unlock it as KeyLime said.
  4. vicious

    vicious Active Member

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    I believe I was level 16 by the time I got it, but I had also focused on getting all the side quests done and filling out my Hunting Log. As the others have said, it's your level 15 series of storyline quests that you're getting from Miourne/whoever she sends you to. After that, you'll unlock the duty finder and the first 3 dungeons in rapid succession.
  5. Kaladin

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    I never could find mine in Gridania and I got to 20. Pretty sure I was just missing it though
  6. Cynessae

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    Yup, you missed something. Follow the main story quests and you should have it around level 15.
  7. Xemnas

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    Thanks for the help everyone but was busy so didn't get a chance to log on xD
    Guess i gotta wait for when the game actually releases lool
  8. monkeslayer

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    ive been having the same problem but instead of just telling us to explore can you tell us where it is exactly?!
  9. Nichigo

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    Same as the answer to MANY other questions:

    Continue the story quests.

    We could tell you where it is, but it wouldn't help you at all because it would do you no good until you got to that point in the story anyway. SE does a great job of spoon feeding you everything you need through the story/class quests.
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  10. Grimus

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    It is exactly where your main storyline is. Follow that. Actually maybe not, you might just not get one. There has been a shortage lately and they stopped giving them out. You may need to wait 1-2 weeks now.
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  11. CritAnime

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