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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by raYdensYx, Jul 21, 2013.

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    Hi everybody,

    I'm completely new here and i would like to begin with FFIV-ARR at the start of the open Beta.

    We wanna do a Lan Party with 3-4 players.

    What build should we focus ?

    Gladiator + 2-3 DP's like THM,Archer?
    What are the main DP's classes? BlackMage & Archer?
    At what level and gameplay time, i can play with my mates?
    Is Gladiator later the best tankable Class, because i dont rly get it with those Jobs.
    Are just one Job for one class Oo`?
    Sorry for the dumb questions :sour:

    Thanks for the Advices,
    Best Regards
  2. Doctorhoo

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    GLD/MRD are the Main tanking Classes.
    CNJ (ACN - will know more in P4) are Have healing.
    The rest are DPS.

    That's the starting Classes at least that should be good enough to get you started. Remember though, Starting Class gives you your starting location so you guys might be split up.

    This guide might be helpful for you:

    Guild Location: Available Classes

    Limsa Lominsa (LL) - Marauder (MRD), Arcanist (ACN)
    Gridania ( ) - Archer (ARC ), Lancer (LNC), Conjurer (CNJ)
    Ul'dah (ULD) - Pugilist (PGL), Gladiator (GLD), Thaumaturge (THM)
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    you can play with any of your mates that start in the same city as you immediately. As you progress through the main story you will obtain an airship pass and you may go travel to any of the 3 cities to meet up with friends. this is around lvl 10-15, so you will most likely spend the majority of your first day solo or in small groups. most of the main story line up until lvl 20 is all solo content.
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    Lol I created a thread with the same title as this yesterday, I thought this was my thread :p

    Here is what I know:

    In this game, you won't really be having a main. You can level any class or job you want.

    So you may start off as a Gladiator and get it to level 25 but you're not enjoying it very much. Instead of starting a new character, you can just get a weapon of a different class, equip it, then you become that class. So say you're bored of Gladiator, and want to try Dragoon. Don't start again, just buy a spear, equip it, and then start levelling up your Dragoon from level 1, via FATEs etc.

    Jobs are optimised versions of classes. Paladin is probably the most reliable tank in the game, to become a Paladin, you need to get Gladiator to level 30 and then switch to Conjurer and get it to 15. Then you will unlock a quest, which when completed, means you can turn into a Paladin as a job. You can unactivate your Paladin and go back to Gladiator or any other class whenever you want.

    Jobs are high optimised. Every 5 levels you will unlock a quest that will give you a new ability for your job. You will more than likely always switch to a job for when you enter a dungeon as they can do specific party roles better. But for levelling, some people like to stay as a class, as they can pull in skills from a wider range of other classes.

    Now you know this, you will see that having a main is grey area. Eventually you will be able to do all the jobs. Guilds will appreciate people who can Tank, Heal and DPS depending on what they need for the raid, although you can't switch jobs in a dungeon. Say that are having trouble finding a Healer - Hey! I can be a White Mage if you need me to be!


    As for when you can play with your mates; you will all be starting off in different cities, as your starting point is determined by your class.

    Conjurers, Dragoons and Archers start in Gridania for example. I don't know when you can all link up, sorry.

    Archer will eventually turn into Bard which isn't out-and-out DPS, it's DPS-Support; Bards are expected to contribute decent levels of DPS whilst buffing etc.

    Dragoons; Black Mages; Monks and maybe Warriors? I think they are more pure DPS, although each brings their own set of utility to the group, like interrupts and debuffs etc etc.

    If you're planning on running dungeons as soon as possible with your friends, then one of you should consider being a Gladiator and the other should consider being a Conjurer for tank and healer respectively. This will minimize the time you spend trying to get into said dungeon. Just bare in mind, you are not stuck with the classes you initially choose, there is nothing, absolutely nothing stopping you from going from DPS to tank to healer on the same character.
  5. Romeoh

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    Nobody has told him to play anything. He is asking for more information regarding the classes roles, starting locations etc so he can make a more informed decision himself.
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    Sorry read it wrong. :) my mistake
  7. raYdensYx

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    I have the most fun when playing Missions/Quests with my mates, it doesnt rly matter the Class, but thanks for the Answers ...

    I think now i know a little bit more about the classes

    About the Guild Location :
    If i take Gladiator and 2 of my mates THM we can start at lvl 1 together?

    Best Regards
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    Yes Gladiator and Thaumaturge start in Ul'dah
  9. Dschlitz

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    GLD THM PUG - Ul'Dah
    CNJ ACH LNC - Gridania
    MRD Arcanist- Limsa Lominsa
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    Fixed. The original title was a tad misleading anyways. When I read the OP, it was actually an interesting question - for which I have no answer.
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  12. raYdensYx

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    Another question that i have,

    I pre ordered the CE Version digital, so at early access ill get a Mail with the Downloadlink of the Client and the other bonus items?
    Will i have to purchase the fee then? or is first month free?

    Best regards
  13. Fybrile

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