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Discussion in 'Disciples of Magic' started by Posona, Jun 16, 2017.

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    I'm currently level 54 and as a PS4 user, I'm starting to get overwhelmed by the hotbar. I have the first set in a way that makes it easy to get through my rotation, but I no longer have room for pet actions so I have to switch to the pet hotbar, and in the heat of the moment I get really confused and panicky trying to switch between bars. I know as I continue to level up it's going to get worse, so I was wondering if any other PS4 players could give me advice on how to set up my bars and manage them? I've seen a lot of arguments against macros, but to be honest I'm not even sure what macros are to begin with. This is my first MMO so I've been flailing around in the dark for a while now. As an aside, I'm not sure how to switch targets from enemies to party members, it's the same problem with hotbars, I get panicky and confused. I really hate this 'cause I'd love to play Scholar sometimes too but I can't target anyone properly. In short, I am really frustrated and need help!:cry:

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    Don't bother too much until you reach lvl 60. In fact, with stormblood here, don't bother too much until 70. They have made so much changes to every class that none of us know what the final / best rotation is anymore. For now, just find something comfortable and keep pushing levels.

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    I agree with Caimie.
    Macros tend to be bad to use for dps because of the delays.
    Continue on with your current rotation and experiment as you unlock more abilities.

    Btw, spamming floors 51-60 in Palace of the Dead gets you to 60 rather quickly as queue times are not obsurd like everything else

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