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    I've been really torn on what to meld, and the deeper I explore into it, the more uncertain I become, so I'm hoping to get some insight from you guys.


    First let's look at common healer secondary stats. When I first accepted the fact that AST plays mostly in Diurnal, I decided to build around Spell Speed due to the changes making it impact the potency of HoT tics, but after playing around with it I found that I just didn't like SS and I couldn't feel the impact of it when I healed. Since then I've been Crit/PIE and VERY happy with the build.

    Now obviously PIE is always good, but with how fantastic MP management is on AST in 3.2, I'm wondering if I'd be better off not focusing on it as much. As for DET, I was a DET whm at 50 because it really just felt like stat build made little difference, so I might as well go for dependability. I've heard that DET measures up better to MND then any other stat, but based on experience I'm still favouring Crit. I've also heard that DET hasn't been scaling well on healers so I'm not sure what to believe.

    I guess at the end of the day I feel that, with the exception of SCHs unique benefit from Crit, the aforementioned stats are all really a matter of player preference. But now we get into the more complicated territory


    So first I'll start off by saying that I like that SE is pushing healers towards healing and away from DPSing, but at the same time I'm not thrilled with our loss of accuracy. I don't believe a healer should be obligated to DPS in casual group content, but in an endgame progressive raid I feel that each player should be encouraged to make the most out of every ability they have, and like it or not DPSing is built into the healers design out of necessity for us to progress through the game. So when I'm in a progressive endgame raid that's designed to push me, I want to be DPSing in some impactful way, even if it's just for a few seconds here and there.

    So with that in mind you'd think I'd be all for stacking ACC. But on the other hand as an AST, I'm the primary healer with the sch (or even whm) being more valuable as the parties DPSer and often times I won't DPS at all after the pull until I'm more comfortable with the mechanics of a fight. ADDITIONALLY, idk much about melding, but the caster accuracy caps in Midas Savage are somewhere around 560—how close can I actually get to this via melding? If my hits/misses for DPSing are still going to be heavily RNG based, then how can I justify attributing stats to ACC which ONLY affects DPS when I can impact my DPS AND my healing using a stat like Crit, or DET? I want to hit my target, but I also don't want to funnel a bunch of stats into something that will only help my DPS, when I can pick a stat that'll have a much larger overall impact on what I do. This is a very frustrating predicament for me; I see the value in ACC. I want to be able to DPS and this is the best way to impact that and I know that my DPS matters, but the value of my DPS doesn't come into play very often and there's so much more value to be had from other stats overall.


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  2. GeekMatt

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    Oh right, it was also recommended to me that I get some VIT due to the raid-wide damage from Sephirot ex. But sitting at 14100 outside of party, that seems a bit excessive.

  3. Ivy

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    Preference. Even top tier raiders have it.

    I cleared Sephirot @14500 HP. You do not need VIT melds at all unless gunning for world first on anything. I'll probably be linking healers in this as I go.
    With that particular stat out of the way, let's break down each healer.
    Scholar will always prefer CRIT/PIE. Crit Broils, Crit Adlos, Crit everything. I'm not really going to touch on them much since most scholars who are raiding will fully meld accuracy.
    Every single scholar in Elysium is basically accuracy melded with VIT because, again, progression. Same goes for WHM. Aside from that (I'll touch on WHM since that's likely what role you fill), here are some stats:
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Kiona seems to have prioritized spell speed (top tier progression; I know Kio personally). I looked at his overmelds and they're mainly spell speed outside of accuracy.
    Sai prefers piety (world first WHM; makes sense for him, more piety = more heals). His hat and his weapon have Piety overmelded.
    Personally, I am going CRIT/SPS. I will naturally gain Piety through gear this way.
    Toy around on Ariyala. My personal BIS. I do have midas gear included since I plan to clear midas at a decent pace.

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  4. GeekMatt

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    I'm thinking of sticking to my original Crit/PIE build. I'm realizing that in the progressive fights the extra PIE gives me a bit of leeway for overhealing and for not always being on top of mp management until I have the fight rotations down. Seph EX involves a lot of AoE which is a lot of MP, and I expect more challenge from Midas Savage. Crit has just been good to me, and I can't justify ACC for how little time I spend DPSing. Let the SCHs worry about accuracy :p

  5. I also played around with Spell Speed + Pie didn't like it very much. My spells didn't quite feel like they were being casted fast enough warranted with such a large investment. We already have Instant Benefic II procs plus other ways to augment our casting speed.

    I think I'm going to settle for a DET + PIE combination and leave SS alone. Since a lot of healer gear already has it natively and combined with food it should be adequate enough.

    I never liked CRIT builds on WHM so it's probably going to end up being the same thing on AST depending on what stance you like to main. AST doesn't get any additional benefits from stacking CRIT like SCH so I don't really see a reason to go CRIT.

    Long time members here will know that I'm not a fan of RNG. Therefore DET + PIE would be the more logical route to gear for.

    DET provides a permanent boost to healing and damage. None of that RNG business. PIE for that massive MP pool combined with AST's MP management prowess and multiple MP regeneration abilities. Makes this the obvious choice.

    Even though DET isn't what it use to be. it's still an important and relevant stat to gear for and shouldn't be overlooked.

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  6. Ish

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    Well healing is not at all my main class but since i have been doing it more frequent i am considering possibly getting gear and melding with acc, god it's annoying missing attacks on scholar even energy drain.... sigh
    And i do also get they are trying to get healers away from the dps viewpoint but healers expected to dps will never change from groups

  7. Ivy

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    Nope. Even the Hall of Novice has a blurb about throwing in some DPS when you're sure it's safe to.
    Which makes their viewpoint on not giving us accuracy on Cleric Stance or something even weirder.

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  8. They expect healers to overmeld accuracy on the 220 crafted gear for end game raiding if they want to dps.

    I gave up trying to understand the FFXIV dev team a long time ago.

    I get that they want the trinity to be more clearly defined and that the jobs should perform their primary role first and whatever else second. I'm guessing that's why they didn't add any accuracy on healer sets.

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  9. GeekMatt

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    Or we can pretend we're 3.0 tanks and start stacking DPS accessories :greed:

    STR build AST

  10. While you're there might as well get in front of the boss in melee range and auto attack with your cards.

  11. racooperii

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    Hey, he could get a paper cut that gets infected and die!

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  12. Madrone Damodred

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    I don't play my healers, but I would....

    1) accuracy if raiding, if not then none. Looks like 4.0 might remove it anyway, so looking ahead this may be moot.

    2) VIT on accessories. Honestly, healers are critical to success so any extra hp is going to help you survive mistakrles and give you more passive hp recovery.

    3) crit/det/spd aren't all that different unless you have a crit mechanic like sch shields. I like spd on any caster for more room to finish a cast and still dodge. For healing it helps trigger the heal faster so hopefully can save someone from death by a split second once in awhile. Crits are always good, although you can only heal someone to full, the rest is wasted. While det is weaker, its always making an impact on virtually every action.

    4) PIE. More ammo and passive mp recovery is good. I wouldn't focus on it though. Chugging a max ether every few mins in a long fight can help if you get in the habit and remember to do it, and there are other standard means to recover mp.

    Since your output only has to balance the incoming damage (not be maximized 100% of the time) and as an AST you're focusing on cards and sneaking in some damage, it doesn't really seem to matter from my dps point of view which substats you choose. Stay alive. Heal well. Buff smartly. Use your mp for damage when you can.

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