Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lilybet, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. Lilybet

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    I've been using my boyfriend's old headset (Steelseries 4H) for a while now and it's giving up the ghost so it's time to get a new one!

    What kind of headsets are you guys using (if any)?

    I'm on the market for a white/pink pair that aren't too chunky and not too flimsy either.. with a microphone just in case I need it someday.
  2. Mtzgr

    Mtzgr Member

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  3. The_Nevarine

    The_Nevarine New Member

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    None...my laptop has a solid built in microphone.
  4. NeptuNe

    NeptuNe New Member

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    I recommend logitech g930. wireless, sound quality is great
  5. Eossian

    Eossian Member

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    i use the Razor Carcharias, they're super comfy, have a good mic, nice long cord with a clip that has sound wheel and mic on/off. i don't think they come in anything but black though.
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  6. SurturSorrow

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    Is it possible to use a headset with the ps3?
  7. The_Nevarine

    The_Nevarine New Member

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  8. Smrpguh

    Smrpguh Newbie

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    I use astro A40's with the mix amp. Amazing sound quality out if these things especially with the simulated surround sound. The ability to adjust the volume between game and voice on 1 knob and assert volume on another.
  9. Elvirnith

    Elvirnith Active Member

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    I use headsets here that most people would never consider purchasing.

    Denon D7000's - Bought at $550 new
    Grado RS2i's - Bought at $400 new

    I'm a bit of an audiophile, though. I would recommend something from Turtlebeach (more recent models) or Sennheiser if you're just looking for a basic headset with an attached microphone.
  10. Bomi Kwon

    Bomi Kwon Member

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    I highly recommend the SteelSeries' Siberia V2 Headset. I've had mine for a few years without problems and they come in a wide variety of colors. They are very comfortable and also feature a retractable microphone.
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  11. Smrpguh

    Smrpguh Newbie

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    The astro A40's with mix amp will run you about 250$ but the reason I chose them over turtle beaches and the steel series was the overall ear comfort. They were the only headset I tried that didn't press my glasses against my head causing annoying pain/pressure after long periods of wear.
  12. Lilybet

    Lilybet Active Member

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    I was looking at spending about £40-50 on a headset, but I might wait until the paycheck and get the Steelseries Siberia V2.. The pink one is quite nice :p But so is the white.. :confused:

    @Elvirnith I got the Turtle Beach P11 for my boyfriend for Christmas and he likes it. I know it comes in white but the amp box that's attached to the wire puts me off cause it's quite heavy.

    I like my ipod earbuds to be Skullcandy.. but Skullcandy gaming headsets are absolutely hideous.
  13. ancientdeity

    ancientdeity Member

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    I personally like Sennheiser. I've had two headphones from them over the years and I've never had any problems. They are a bit pricey but to me its better just paying a bit more for quality headphones over buying cheaper ones over and over. It kinda comes down to preferences too but its a brand I like.
  14. Karamethien

    Karamethien Active Member

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    I don't use a headset. I use earphone plus a seperate mic. Most headsets are not very good. If you are using headphones you don't need the mic next to your mouth. It is actually better that it is further out.

    Sennheiser is good :) The expensive ones can get really expensive though.

    Personally I like Audio-Technician for my price range. They have a crisper mid-range to my ears. YMMV.

    This is the one I use

    If anyone does get an expensive headphone, be sure either your sound card has a built in amplifier, or get a amplifier/driver for it.
  15. Z.chu

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  16. Dragon

    Dragon Well Known Member

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    I plan on going back to a Logitech G930 once I get more stuff straightened out this year, but in the meantime the Rosewill RHM-556 has done me well.
  17. Lilybet

    Lilybet Active Member

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    I'd love to not have the annoying mic next to my mouth, but the space on my desk is pretty limited so I'll just have to deal with it.
    Most of the time I don't even use it now, but I'll be stuck with whatever headset I get for quite a while so it's better to have it than not.
  18. HintOfMint

    HintOfMint Active Member

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    I'm using SteelSeries Siberia v2... they are great for what I need :) Retractable microphone and really comfy. Good sound quality for the cost.
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