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    Hello Byrnhildr!

    I'm posting this to gauge interest in a new FC im thinking about starting. basicly it will be a very exclusive FC for hardcore players who are serious about clearing end game content such as coils and ex primals.
    There are lots of FCs out there for casuals and new players but I'm seeing an extreme lack of FCs dedicated to the hardcore player.
    This FC would require an in game interview/trial process to make sure you're capable of learning mechanics and ect. Also some voice app will be required (to be determined)

    Another note is we would be begining our progression from the bottom (T5) not only will this help our raid teams bond and get used to each other but it will also offer an equal opportunity to those individuals who actually possess the skill set to raid successfully but are currently being held back by bad groups in df and pf.

    Please post here your thoughts, ideas, questions, suggestions and if you would be interested in joining such an FC. Btw I already have a lvl 8 FC so the foundation is ready. :)

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