Realm News Guide of the Month - October 2015

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    One of our Community Team's favourite things to do each month is to search through our new FFXIV Player Guides to select one to feature for the month. It's always difficult picking the Guide of the Month, but this month was especially hard with so many new Guides to choose from!

    In the end, we decided that this Guide really stood out from the rest, with it's insightfulness and detail. Clearly, a lot of work went into preparing this Guide, so we'd like everyone to stop by and check out...

    @wildbillhdmax01 's The Ultimate Warrior Guide


    Wildbillhdmax01 has clearly lived up to the "Ultimate" title in this complete guide to the Warrior job in FFXIV. He clearly explains job and cross-class actions, tanking rotations and gear. Everything a player looking at getting serious about Warrior needs to get started.

    Please join us in congratulating Wildbillhdmax01 for his hard work in preparing this Guide by heading over and giving it a like and your 5-Star rating!!!

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