White Mage Grand Companies for WHM

Discussion in 'Disciples of Magic' started by Karico, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Karico

    Karico Adventurer

    Does it matter what Grand Company you join? Is one better or worse for a WHM?

  2. Madrone Damodred

    Madrone Damodred Crystal Brave

    I think Immortal Flames has some better level 50 gear for mages, compared to the others. But no, it kind of doesn't matter. You can always change if you don't mind starting over on progress (won't be able to wear your previous company's gear). I picked Maelstrom because I prefer the red uniforms.

    Yeah its body & hat mage gear for Immortal Flames vs just boots for Maelstrom and just Gloves for Twin Adder.

  3. Celaria

    Celaria Crystal Brave

    I picked maelstrom because almost all of my classes use the officers set i got in 1.0, but as of this moment the stats are radically different from then, the maelstrom boots are caster boost, where the rest of the officer gear is all melee oriented, i dont exactly know what the flame gear looks like as far as stats go, never really progressed with them. honestly if you're looking into which GC for gear purposes, try http://xivdb.com/ they're updating all the items each phase of testing.

  4. Slixie

    Slixie Adventurer

    So you can change your grand company if you so choose to later? I was getting some mixed information from friends about this.

  5. Karico

    Karico Adventurer

    Yes you can change them but you have to start all over again in rank

  6. Linda

    Linda Crystal Brave

    It really doesn't matter Kari. If it is for the gears, each GC will have their positive and their negative side. I'm pretty sure you will not stick to only WHM. Eventually you will level something up that might have been better another GC. I would say focus on the story line or the one that calls your attention the most. At the end there will always be gears with meldings or rare/ex equipment that will compensate what you couldn't get from an specific GC.

    In 1.0. BLM gears were better in the Immortal Flames GC. I was a Twin of Adders but it did not affected me in the least. :)

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  7. resultsmayvary

    resultsmayvary Adventurer


    Nothing you get from them is going to be a best in slot piece, just placeholder pieces until something else comes along. The main reason to grind rep with them is for gear for leveling alts, in my opinion.

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