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Discussion in 'FFXIV Questions & Answers' started by Iaitoo, Oct 18, 2013.

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    Hey :)

    Is there a general chat ingame? Like a zone-chat? Sometimes I see some chats with invites to FC's etc, that has a different colour than the say/tell/shout chat.. But I cant find anything but say and shout in my chat list.. hehe
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    Say = white
    Yell = yellow
    Shout = orange
    /say is within a small radial distance around you (usually about 25 yalms)
    /yell covers a larger distance
    /shout reaches everyone in the zone
    /tell (name) reaches a specific person privately
    /linkshell# talks to those in your linkshell

    Found it here:

    So you need either say or shout or yell (but those yell messages tend to annoy me when repeated).
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    Thanks :) Didnt realice it was the shout one :)

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