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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sixx, Aug 6, 2013.

  1. Sixx

    Sixx Adventurer

    Apologies if this already a thread somewhere. I searched using the handy box up there and checked the FAQ thread. So if its there then I'm dumb and will accept some chastisement ;)

    Question - does FFXIV AAR have an appearance tab or other game system to let us customize the way our gear looks? For instance if someone rolls a class like Marauder or Dragoon are they stuck in plate or can they don some lighter LOOKING gear but still get the stats from standard gear.

  2. Chaos_Martin

    Chaos_Martin Crystal Brave

    Well how it works is, I think by release we'll have 2 equipment type slots. One for stats and the other one for Visual appearance.
    Now I know for the stats wise what we can equip will depend on our current class but as for the visual Equipment part I'm not sure.

    Also dying is in the game. Not death dying but the option to change the colour of our equipment.

  3. Gugan

    Gugan Adventurer

    I have heard that they are going to release "Vanity Slots", which will be slots that you can equip gear that you want to have on top, so to speak.

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  4. Sixx

    Sixx Adventurer

    Cool thanks :) Sounds pretty similar to EQ2 and RIFT (a good thing imo)

  5. Madrone Damodred

    Madrone Damodred Crystal Brave

    The vanity thing will likely come in around patch 2, aka ~6 months after release. You won't be able to change the look terribly far outside of what equipment your class can normally wear.... so melee's can probably look like they're wearing lighter or heavier armor, provided they could equip those things already. You're not going to be able to have a mage looking like he's wearing full plate, or a tank class looking like he's in robes for example.

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  6. fluttersnipe

    fluttersnipe Crystal Brave

    I really hope the vanity change wont included making it appear like youre wearing light armor when your actually wearing plate. Hopefully it just stays as costumes :(.

  7. Nehym

    Nehym Crystal Brave

    I personally hope it will remain tasteful in a typical SE manner and not get overboard like the TERA vanity things. It looks good and all but i like it when it actually fits in the world. I don't want to feel like i'm in a permanent Halloween party whenever i go in town. But this is SquareEnix we are talking about so i am not too worried about it. :]

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  8. Orien

    Orien Crystal Brave

    It will be in patch 2 most likely as was said. It's been said you can't wear gear in vanity slots that you cant equip on that class normally.

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  9. DuffMcD

    DuffMcD Adventurer

    I like DCUO's vanity system. Any item you equip goes in as a costume choice and you can mix and match from those even if you sell the item later. I would rather FFXIV have something tied to crafting though for re-customizing and selling gear with new variations not found in shops or as rewards.

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  10. Sithius

    Sithius Crystal Brave

    Thong for my taru here I come.

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  11. Sixx

    Sixx Adventurer

    I'd really love to be able to look however I want. Though it sounds like this won't be the case. I typically don't like bulky armor types appearance though I love the playstyle of the classes. Read: Yes I want to swing a great-sword in a steel bikini (yes I know the GS ins't in the game yet).

    And yes, I know I can get that (and too much more sometimes) in games like TERA, but I'm a FF fan first, a steel bikini fan second.

  12. Ayuru

    Ayuru Crystal Brave

    I wouldn't mind having armour that sort of looks like a costume, for example in Aion there's a princess boss and if you're lucky she'll drop this rare royal dress item which you can remodel the appearance with your armour, same for her tiara. I love really fancy items that stand out with crap loads of frills or generally just fancy head items. :shifty: I'm hoping there'll be something like that but it fit with the actual game.

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  13. Fybrile

    Fybrile Administrator

    A lot of really good information in this post. You guys know your vanity slot info!

    Just to add my 2 gil, I really - really, really - hope that they implement gaining your vanity slot the same way they did with learning your "Return" spell, getting your airship pass, signing up for your FC, etc. etc. (read: with an interesting quest chain).

    Also, in terms of specialization they're gear dying - which I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned here yet. You can dye your gear - or your vanity gear - to make the exact look you want. Check out pics of the various dyes here:

  14. Sixx

    Sixx Adventurer

    Totally agree on using a quest chain to unlock stuff. Especially if it's hardish

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  15. Ayuru

    Ayuru Crystal Brave

    I'd actually love a hardmode quest chain to get a special armour/weapon set that looked amazing.. lol, It's bad but Aion had this, they had some nice ideas but I loved this the most. You had to do various things for it, gathering and crafting were part of the quest chain too. Sadly, it was kind of worthless on that game and not implemented very well plus pretty easy, but if they did something like that here and made it so it was actually one of the best things and a massive triumph at the end it'd be fun. People would oogle your character and be all omigod that armour! :p

    That and, I would like to see secret out of the way quests randomly in the world people would have to discover for vanity pieces. They're like, almost hidden, for example GW2 puzzles, hidden really well so they'd be hard to find. ;)

  16. Sixx

    Sixx Adventurer

    I think this is a really good idea. Only downside is after a bit of time, everyone has found them and the temptation to Google their location gets pretty high :) Knowing that a Google leads to oogle.

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  17. Ayuru

    Ayuru Crystal Brave

    Yeah, there could be ways around it like having randomized spawn timers for the area to be open and other things I suppose. Could always think of some creative ideas to make it more hardmode. ^^

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  18. Sixx

    Sixx Adventurer

    Yeah totally. Or a rare spawn that drops a key to a secret lair that leads to a gauntlet of traps and jumping with a treasure chest at the end :)

    EQ Next sounds like it will be pretty cool in this regard with all the perm destruction and multi-tiered world.

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  19. Kendall_Lawliet

    Kendall_Lawliet Adventurer

    I'm on the side of the fence that would really just appreciate being able to have a lot of freedom as far as vanity slots go.

    It was pretty much the one thing that attracted me to Aion, the amount of character customization available, as opposed to how restrictive Final Fantasy Xi was.

    I love playing mage classes, but i really dread the way cloth looks; I'd much rather wear something leather-like.

    And I also like being able to look different, at least gear wise.

    I've read that it will be kind of restrictive, so I'm not expecting much.

    But, it is not a deal breaker for me *shrugs* I'll deal with it.

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  20. Frozen Purity

    Frozen Purity Adventurer

    Ya! Maybe have random events like that, where you get unique looking equipment just have to more rare varieties of armor in the game... it doesn't even have to look godly awesome, just something a little different to stand out :)

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