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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zagrim, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Zagrim

    Zagrim New Member


    Anyone know a fix for the cast bar for focus target. Its really really bad, hard to see whats being cast. Especially on some bosses because the yellow cast bar is covering up the yellow text (see screenshot example).


    Is it possible to change the color of text or seperate the name of the mob and the "FOCUS TARGET" text from the cast bar? Anything to make it more readable.

  2. fluttersnipe

    fluttersnipe Crystal Brave

    You can move the focus target icon to another spot if thats what you mean? Ive got the focus target icon beside the boss' bar on mine.

  3. Ilion

    Ilion Adventurer

    You can move every part of your interface just go to the menu and select HUD.

  4. Zagrim

    Zagrim New Member

    I know I can move the whole focus target object. But what I mean is if you look at the image. You can see that the cast bar is partially covered by the name of the monster (Anantaboga) and also tightly squeezed between the Focus Target and mob name. The spell being cast (Imminent Catastrophe) is also in yellow text, which happens to be the same color (except an outline around the letters) as the castbar. All this makes it very hard to see what your focus target is casting. So if you need to interrupt a specific spell the focus target sucks.

    What I would want to do is either:

    A) Change the color of the text so its more easy to read. In that example you can imagine "Imminent Catastrophe" in a color that is not yellow and stands out from the cast bar color instead of blending with it.

    B) Seperate the words "Focus Target", Spell name (In this case "Imminent Catastrophe") and Mob name (in this Case Anantaboga) so that they are not so close together and overlap eachother.

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