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  1. Exire

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    I've been taking notes, honestly. It's putsy work but it tells me what I need to know, the Fishing Log would be perfect if it told which bait catch which fish...perhaps that would be too easy though. I'd imagine it would take quite some time compiling a total fishing guide, especially since you can't get certain bait or skills to catch certain fish right away. So you could be in several areas with an incomplete list for awhile. I simply list each area and what fish I've caught with which bait, leaving some space for the ones I didn't manage to find after half an hour of fishing or so. Not much help to you though I guess haha.

    I'd be happy to do it if I was focusing on fishing but I want to get my Arcanist to max level first at's taking awhile. XD

  2. Joh

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    Great intro on fishing. I'm looking forward to starting it :D although I'm a little confused on how little it appears to be integrated with the DOH's. You'd think it was be readily used in cooking, maybe even alchemy.

    I really liked the fishing system in FFXI, where you actually 'fought' against the fish's stamina by angling how your character would pull the poll with the direction keys. Pulling directly against the fish's tug drained their stamina bar and not pulling the right way either slowly drained it or the fish began recovering its stamina. Is it similar in FFXIV?

  3. Karamethien

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    You need Gullseye to fish higher level fishing holes.

  4. ShinSuta

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    You do use fish in CUL and ALC. Not as much as I thought at lower levels, but they are used.
    Well, I only know one recipe that use fish in ALC, but CUL has more and should have even more at level 50. Betting on it.

    For the fishing system, I think it was like that in 1.0 (never played), but it has changed. It is now way more simple and staightforward, you throw your line, fish bite, you hook them up. Period. But there are some things to know about using the better bait available to you or mooch fish. Nothing really complexe, but it makes fisher a better occupation than it was in WoW for example.

    I'm not so sure about it, you only get Gullseye at level 15 for instance, and I already discovered fishing holes. I think that without gullseye you have to find the hole by yourself. When you have Gullseye the hole is marked the moment you fished in the area around it. Not sure about mechanics behind Gullseye, actually it is the most confusing spell of all the game to me.

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    Just picked up fishing last night. Honestly, no one talks about how the fishing was in SOE: Vanguard mmo. It was actually pretty fun. It was more of an interactive game to catch the fish in addition to a competition against other players for rank/record. If it wasn't fish you reeled in, it was either junk to sell or something cool. But unfortunately, the fish had no crafting value in the game. I'm looking forward in venturing off to boldly fish where no Hyur has gone before.

  6. The47thSen

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    In the early days of Ultima Online, you could fish for treasure maps which you could then use to navigate to the area, perform some ritual that I can't remember, slay a bunch of monsters and grab loot. That was quite fun too. You could also buy your own boat so a bunch of us would just get one and sail around randomly.

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    This thread just convinced me to pick it up again and level it up more, once i do manage to get in today. :3 I'm beginning to have more fun doing the crafting and gathering than actually killing mobs! Gasp! Shock! Disbelief!

    Thumbsup The47thSen for mentionning the fishing and exploring in UO. Hours of fun!

  8. Euriko

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    In better words, the skill Gullseye allows you to fish in areas that are level15 and below that you weren't able to fish before. Like right now Gullseye let me fish at Woad Whisper Canyon, prior to having the skill it would give me an error when I tried to fish here, something like "the fish is below but you are unsure where".

    Gullseye II is at Lv.35 and Gullseye III is at level 50, without the three skills you wont be able to fish in all of the fishing spots.

  9. Karamethien

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    There are also 2 skills - Sand Fishing and Cloud Fishing. Contrary to my belief, Sand Fishing doesn't allow you to fish in Sand. It let you fish off cliffs with sand on the bottom. Haven't got cloud fishing yet. 3 more levels to go.

  10. Thyristor

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    Anyone noticed that sometimes your fishing rod reacts as if there is something VERY heavy that just grabbed the bait (it bends almost 180 degrees) and every single time you try to reel it in you end up losing it after just one reeling motion?

    Lvl 38 atm and those are starting to really frustrate me as they aren't fish I cannot catch yet (I've gotten it often even i fishing holes I've cought everything in) and I lose bait every time I get one of those animations.

  11. Karamethien

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    I get those too. Not sure if its fish, rare item, or guaranteed fail. Sometimes it can be confusing with HQ fish. But if you use a controller it is very obvious. NQ fish is just 1 vibration sometimes none, HQ is 2-3, and the one you referred it is non-stop buzzing.

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