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    Hey, welcome to Final Dawn <FINAL>

    With the server/regional decline in activity, FD's looking to pick ours up a bit!

    Running since Nov '13, Final Dawn is sturdy, experienced FC that works to maintain a population that's big enough for activity but small enough that each member has his/her place. We cater especially to new players, and players looking to learn the game. New players will find all kinds of support, from help with gear and glamour, to running instances with players of a positive attitude, to having a place where you don't have to be afraid to ask the "stupid" questions. We consistently keep up Heat of Battle II (Exp buff) and alternate a second buff to suit player needs on any given day. We have a FC mansion in Mist with all the trimmings, and more resources than we can utilize.

    Learn (and maybe teach others) how to craft, DPS, heal or tank in a positive, respective, fun environment, getting advice from those of us who are experienced in all levels of content as well as those who are only slightly ahead of you in progression and may have the benefit of having the experience more fresh in their memory.

    Join FD if you want to play at your own pace, while still being more than just another name in a list.

    Despite not having an age restriction we are an adult FC, and while we try to keep more offensive chat to appropriate channels, please keep in mind such playful but potentially offensive talk may appear in chat on occasion. However our one big rule is that every member should be made to feel comfortable participating, whether it's running an instance, voice chat or FC chat. Anything that is hateful, racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. will be dealt with by the leaders on a case by case basis—typically we try to talk to the person, but if necessary the offender may be removed from the FC.

    To join us or to get better insight into who we are you can visit our site, and if you have any questions feel free to post them here or send a /tell to myself (Stormageddon Oath) or Hellina Handbasket.

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