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    New details on Final Fantasy XI Reboot project for smartphones


    Hearken back to the Future of Final Fantasy XI broadcast Square Enix held just over a year ago and you’ll recall the company’s debut of the Vana’diel Project. This included several major announcements: a new scenario called Rhapsodies of Vana’diel concluding the main scenario Final Fantasy XI, a new mobile title called Final Fantasy Grandmasters set in the world of Vana’diel, and a future mobile project developed in partnership with Nexon Korea.

    The last of which is dubbed a “Massively Multiplayer Mobile Role Playing Game” or MMMRPG, and we got an update on the title’s development at the Nexon Developers Conference in Pangyo, South Korea.

    Using the tentative title “Final Fantasy XI Reboot“, the game will be developed using Unreal Engine 4, and will eschew the typical HTTP (semi-browser-based) environment many mobile titles use due to the need to display characters’ movements in a field environment. What they plan to do is use a combination of web servers and TCP servers to be able to recreate the game’s environments on a mobile platform.

    While it’s still early on in the development process, and a lot of work is still undone with regard to field and battle gameplay, the team was able to show off a few screenshots.


    Final Fantasy XI Reboot is currently in development for iOS and Android.

    Source: Novacrystallis

  2. GeekMatt

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    That's really interesting, I'm sure I'll be giving it a shot if/when it's released

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    This is really low down on my radar for SE, mostly because I never played FFXI and also because MMOs on mobiles doesn't sound like my idea of a good time.

    I'll stick with my hype for FFXV and FFVII:R

  5. praysolace

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    I was laughing at that too XD

    A mobile MMO sounds really iffy to me too. Especially with typical grind levels—who wants to spend hours grinding on a touch screen? My hype, however, has abandoned Square-Enix for now... it's anxiously awaiting Persona 5 news.

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    I don't think a mobile MMO is a bad idea in general, but I don't expect too much from this. To make the battle system enjoyable on mobile, I feel you'd really need to do something completely different and outside the thinking of the FFXIV battle system, for example. I've tried different styles of live action style battle on mobile, and some of them were really creative but none of them were very fun.

    I don't know FFXI but I expect the battle aspect to be lacklustre on mobile, and hopefully it's relavence to the enjoyment of the game will be intentionally minimalized by the devs. But, again taking my limited perspective and comparing everything to FFXIV; I think the social aspect, the crafting and farming and forming FCs, the housing and markets and treasure hunts, glamours, the levelling and cooperating could all work really well on a mobile. They could offer semi-apps to keep on top of things like MB, FC business and chat while not in game.

    Battling monsters should be done just for a couple key points in the story, and otherwise just to go out and get the odd item, not anything like it is in FFXIV.

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    I was addicted to FFXI back after it was first released up until about mid 2006. To this day I have cherished memories that have yet to be beaten by WoW/XIV, and I am still close with many people from my Linkshell from over 10 years ago.

    If the game is as it was when I played it, then I can see it working. XIs battle system did not focus as much on movement and positioning like XIVs does; it focused more on party structure, timing of attacks/magic, and skill chains/magic bursts. That could be pretty easily accomplished on a touch screen.

    However, I've heard that the game has changed immensely since I stopped playing, so I am unsure if the battle system changed all that much as well.

    I'm not much of a mobile gamer, so I think I would pass either way, but I am definitely interested to see what they can pull off.

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  8. FFVII

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    i have an iphone only problem its the 8gb model (iphone 5c i do have an iphone 4 that too is 8gb) im hoping this is gonna be about 2 gb at most install !!!

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    This is really interesting... I'm a bit burnt out on FF Betas though. Wondering how it will all play out.

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