FF14 TGS Live Letter (Day 1 and 2) Patch 2.1 info

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Carsickness, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Hey guys, its starting now:


    Ok, just a quick summery of Day 1 (sept 20th) - in case you missed it :)

    • Dragon quest 10 fates in ffxiv. They showed three rock golem dudes (not a big DQ guy so dont know name), as well as a rock golem pet. ETA christmas

    • A (apparently famous) ffxi lalafell looking guy/girl as a fate boss (was HUGE) as well as a pet. ETA christmas

    • 344,000 concurrent users. 617,000 daily users. 1,080,000 total users

    • NA/EU servers represent 34% miquote, and 33% Hyur. lowest was rogadyn

    Patch 2.1 -
    • 1 new dungeon: Pharos Sirius (showed some concept art)
    • 2 hard mode existing dungeons,
    • wolfs den
    • crystal tower
    • housing in all 3 areas (380 customizing items)
    • barber shop
    • Something called mog battles (really hard lvl 50 content)
    • rewards for using random matching (more tombs to help people catch up to pre-made teams)
    • Treasure hunt (easy and hard mode)
    • Beastmen daily quests (make communications with them. can do solo or party)
    • Extreme mode Ifrit,Garuda,Titan
    More 2.1 info tomorrow. today was just an introduction. the real meat is apparently tomorrow (8:15 pm PDT)
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  3. xusha

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    Ooo Barbershop. Did they mention anything about new hairstyles?
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  4. Carsickness

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    OK here's a quick summery of day 2 (sept 21)

    FFXIII Lightning fate will be available 1 week before XIII launch (11/14)
    - They showed a video, looks like she helps you in the FATEs.

    Coil of Bahamut:

    Coil of Bahamut will be updating continuously
    *Showed video of levels 1-5*

    Once newer levels of Coils of Bahamut come out, the previous levels will give bonus' and buffs to you if you die a lot (like story mode, etc..). This was said to help people that don't play as often as extremists, so everyone can access content. Current max level will still be ultra hard.

    Future Patches:

    2.1 - will have Crystal tower
    2.2 - Coil of bahamut
    2.3 - more crystal tower expansions

    Crystal Tower:

    • Crystal Tower will have nostalgic bosses from FF3
    • Will be 24 man (3 separate groups)
    • Will have content where you are mostly split up, but must come together at parts to complete a task and continue on.
    • Will have a dungeon first, in order to actually reach the tower dungeon (similar to FF3)
    • 90-120 minutes long
    • Looking into item level restrictions (currently around Titan HM level items)
    • Gear drops will be similar to FF3 (gave the FUMA as an example, and said that googling FF3 crystal tower will give you a good idea)
    • Monster's abilities will also be similar to FF3 (google them)

    * They showed a bunch of pictures of the CT. Looked really cool!*


    *showed a video of ul'dah area*

    • Can customize roofs,walls,fences,windows,wall paper etc...
    • He wouldn't answer the question on price (will leave that until last minute)
    • Can grow gysahl greens in a garden and raise chocobos
    • Basement workshops (in FC housing)
    • All DoH,DoL,DoW,DoM will be involved in housing items. example was culinarian making food to put on a table, or someone making books to go on the shelves)


    *showed video of the arena*

    • 4 on 4
    • Levels 30/40/50
    • PvP exclusive abilities
    • Special PvP gear shown (golden PLD lion, Deer looking SMN, Swan looking WHM, black DRG with red waist cape thing)
    • Duty finder vs. duty finder. Pre-made vs. pre-made
    • PvP skills to include more ways to handle debuffs (ie: sleep)
    • 1 on 1 specific locations


    Patch 2.1 expected within this year
    More server expansions + server transfers mid - October.

    Only servers who haven't won bomb earrings so far are ixion and excalibur

    Nope, sorry :(
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  5. ilmaestro

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    PvP also sounds cool.
  6. xusha

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    Well that's a disappointment :c Meh, good enough for barbership!
    And yay, garden!
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  7. Nick Mouti

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    No new jobs any time soon :(
  8. Carsickness

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    My guess would be that they would come in an expansion, rather then a patch.
  9. Jalz Fireborn

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    Thank you for sharing this, really appreciate it :)
  10. ArkhamNative

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    About pricing: Yoshi-P admitted that gil/money in-game is currently too scarce (deflated economy?), and he wants to correct that first. So by the time housing comes out, we'll have more gil in our purses and won't have such a sticker shock.

    A good summary. Thanks!
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  11. Cresscendo

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    Ugh, I want to swim in all that! xD
    I will be getting a home there, I love the beach!
    And more social activities! Yes thank you!
    Chocobo breeding, the crafting classes needed in the house.
    Sounds much fun!
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  12. Luko

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    Please don't start down the FFXI path where any time ANYTHING was added to the game, people went ape s**t over possible new jobs. We ended up with like, what, 23 jobs and less than half of them were raid viable?

    Let's stick with balancing the ones we have now and save brand new class/jobs for expansion pack selling points, rather than expecting them everytime Yoshi opens his mouth.

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  13. xusha

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    I never understood why people want so many classes and jobs right away. I think there are already plenty, and all of them are rather fun.
  14. Brandon Copeland

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    It would add a bunch of variety between players who prefer a different gaming style.

    The only way I would like to see new classes/jobs would be in an expansion.. for it would make sense. Although, I would love to see a zwei hander and dual blade.
  15. xusha

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    So far it looks like we have variety though. Two jobs of each style, not including Bard though. Poor Bard.
    Though yeah I like it when new jobs/classes come in expansions instead of patches.
  16. lkxyz

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    Tarutaru Shantotto ftw! Time for that inter-dimensional crossover. Vana'Diel vs. Eorzea.

    Although I saw Mamool Ja in Limnsa Liminsa...
  17. Cresscendo

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    I wouldn't care. As long as the job is fun.
    I'm pretty sure Musketeer is the next one.
  18. Kolossus

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    Mamool Ja are in the game, in higher level zones. Before you worry about that being a spoiler, they are just random mobs. Spoiler free. ;)
  19. Falchetto

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    Omg Shantotto!!!
  20. jemsmck

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    I think I am most looking forward to player housing. I am so pumped!!!

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