FF14: ARR a WoW clone?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by PrinceValvick664, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. PrinceValvick664

    PrinceValvick664 Adventurer

    Thanks for the responses but I didn't mean to make this a heated topic. I don't have a good understanding of MMOs so I forced to speculate and view on whatever information I got from the beta testers and the content that's given. Many times though, Wow has been bought up so has other recent MMOs.

    I apologies taking a quote that I wasn't 100% sure of and personally, I don't consider FF14 ARR a WoW clone at all but I wouldn't know that from hand. Though, comparing the 2 games is easier to understand not from there differences but where in what parts that FF14 expands.

  2. Tigris

    Tigris Adventurer

    ... Why can't people at least try to answer the question of the thread opener?
    I mean most of the answers were OT or just pure flame.

    There are similiarities between both games and differences let us discuss these!

    I mean WoW was a nice game once, but at some point everything was becoming much easier/more casual friendlier and LESS DEEP (which is my problem about it).

    It is hard to say if this game is maybe also a little bit to shallow (like WoW became) or not I think for comparing this the game isn't old enough.

  3. Noilane

    Noilane Adventurer

    btw i heard Reallife is a WoW clone since we have people who craft stuff :3

    it was a good game and maybe for some people it is still a good game but please don't act like it is the Mother of all MMO's it is maybe one of the most succesful MMO's but well Ragnarok 1 was also very very Succesful with nearly the same amount of subscribers World Wide for Years.


    besides i am not a WoW hater i played it from european Vanilla Closed Beta since MoP patch 5.2

  4. Novaultima

    Novaultima Crystal Brave

    It´s because of the community. Can´t say if it´s bad or good now(surely there are many trolls or flamers) but so many people play it just because friends or other people they know play it - without caring if the game is technically bad or not. On TV soaps or documentations you often see kids or teens, so as unemployed/employed people playing WoW, why? Because it´s the most populated game...

    When you decide playing WoW you can be sure that servers are crowded and there is life but the game itself technically is s**t compared to actual stuff. The long existing and huge advertising(also on TV) is already a huge reason why there are so many subscriptions.

    But if you ask someone why he/she is playing WoW, you never hear something like "because of the combat" or "because of the graphics" or anything like this. It´s always because it´s WoW and because many play it and it´s most populated. Many play it = "Good Game", that´s the usual human thinking, but not really a wrong nor right thinking. It´s just the expection of people when they see that many doing the same thing...

  5. PrinceValvick664

    PrinceValvick664 Adventurer

    I assume that most MMOs are inspired by WoW as a standard for most MMOs. Almost like Cod is the standard for most FPS. Not saying all FPS are just like Cod but Cod being a guide for most FPS developers for current FPS games. This is what I assume with FF14 ARR.

  6. Tigris

    Tigris Adventurer

    Can you say a game is a standart for FPS when they all just look almost exactly the same?
    I mean the difference between WoW classic and WoW BC is bigger then the difference between different FPS.

    But this OT aside, is there some special aspect you want to know about the comparison of WoW and ARR?

    I have tried to answer most which came to my mind in my two posts, but if there are further specific questions I will of course answer them.

  7. Orien

    Orien Crystal Brave

    WoW was not a joke. My play with it was extremely limited. I am the first to admit I don't have the largest sample size to draw from. I enjoyed it briefly, got bored and moved on. During that time I raided at very high levels and it was decent. This was during the Wrath era and I found raiding was very hand holding and somewhat boring but while still progressing I found fun in the progress (like most progression raiders do).

    WoW did everything right in 2004. They rode the wave that was peaking interest in the MMO genre to heights that could not have ever even been imagined prior to it's existence. EQ was a huge success by MMO standards and never touched anything in the realm of what WoW did. From a business stand point there is nothing to knock. From a developers stand point there are a lot of lessons to learn. One of the big ones is don't knee jerk to the vocal minority. Also don't think that you can evenly balance classes for PvE and PvP without partitioning the activities completely (Yoshida and ARR are taking this lesson to heart). Many of the imbalance issues stemmed from being to reactionary to the voice of small portions of the player base as well as not being able to effectively balance a dozen classes between PvE and PvP evenly (Duh! not a quantum equation here I think this is obvious but it's too late once systems are in place).

    The major issue that Blizzard ran into is that the lowest common denominator is just that. They are dumb lumps of poo that will cry about everything even when given everything they ask for, also they weren't as big a portion of the population as Blizzard had estimated and so when they catered to them they alienated a lot of people. Luckily human beings are stubborn animals that don't like to change unless they are pushed to the brink. So even with all the "dumbing down" of stats, raids, and additions of pokemon battles, mods that tell you exactly what button to push when, etc most people didn't want to have to start over in a new game. They'd much rather continue on with what was familiar and comfortable. A content human being is one of the laziest beasts you will ever find.

    I detest WoW. I find the state it is in laughable right now, but can acknowledge that the highest tier of raiding in the MMO world still goes on there. Some of the changes they are making going forward sound as though they are dumbing it down even more which amuses me greatly. The fact that I don't particularly enjoy the game doesn't mean that it is a failure or a joke though, and I don't think anyone who has limited experience with the game is in a place to make those sorts of statements. I enjoy listening to people talk about the glory days of Vanilla and TBC because it honestly sounds like it was a fun game at that time. I was entrenched in XI during those years but I probably would have dabbled a bit with WoW had I not been.

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  8. Seifen

    Seifen Crystal Brave

    People getting their panties in a twist over nothing here, I think. As someone has near enough already alluded to, the term 'wow-clone' has pretty much devolved into something that's over-used and barely resembles it's original appearance - much like Brahma's blow up doll.

    Some still use it in its literal sense. Others use it to imply there are certain similarities. Provided the person makes it clear what they mean, I don't see the harm in using it as part of any discussion that pertains to the comparison of features between the two games.

    What seems to have happened in this thread is the OP has asked how FF14: ARR is similar to WoW, and this community has responded by saying it's not a WoW clone. Unless my reading and comprehension skills are failing me, at no point did the OP state that this game is a WoW clone. It seemed like a simple request for some similarities between the two games.

    I believe 'White Knighting' was also discussed in the podcast. It is a shame that this thread stinks of it, and is targeting what appears to be a legitimately new and interested player. Props to the 1 or 2 people that actually read OP's post and tried to contribute something relevant to the discussion.

    My 2 pence.

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  9. PrinceValvick664

    PrinceValvick664 Adventurer

    No, I got enough information I wanted to hear, Thank you. I just didn't expect a negative vibe outside a wow community.

    I don't consider any genre series exactly a like. Mario was the standard for platforming so power ups or jumping on top of enemies was an idea implanted in many other platformers after the original SMB. When a game becomes outstandingly successful, a lot of developers try to understand its success and tried to imply their own ideas based from that success.

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  10. Orien

    Orien Crystal Brave

    You have to understand that this is about the 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000th time this topic has been posted and quite honestly the information you were presenting in your post was tremendously off base. Now I understand you were just going on what you had heard, but people don't like seeing the same questions over and over especially when they are pretty much troll bait type questions (again not your fault).

    Also I would say you could have easily answered your own question by simply reading some of the stickies and the information in the Wiki that is what they are there for after all.

    Also know there is a big rift between the FF MMO community and the WoW community and some resentments still linger from XI.

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  11. Hawke

    Hawke Adventurer

    As a MMO gamer who has spent nearly 7 years playing WoW: No. That is all.

  12. Alvarion

    Alvarion Crystal Brave


    I enjoy WoW because of the combat and the graphics. Some of the best set designs/gear designs I have ever seen in a game. Started out playing in the original beta and stopped in the middle of Wrath. Been back playing during the lull between phase 3/4. Enjoying the hell out of it right now. To say ARR is a WoW clone is to say Honda is a GM clone. The only similarities are wheels and power windows.

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  13. Raikouryuu

    Raikouryuu Adventurer

    The main objective of Yoshi-P is to create a Final Fantasy game. And so far it is looking like most players do agree that it looks/feel like a Final Fantasy game.

    Square has learnt from their mistakes with FFXIV version 1.0. They have spent alot of time/energy learning from other MMOs in the market on what is good/bad. This is amazing because they were a closed company and they are now starting to open up. This is actually a problem with many japanese companies as well.

    Read up the producers Game Design notes and you'll see that this guy is a cut different from the rest.

  14. satou

    satou Adventurer


    completely agreed.

    They dumbed WoW down and many other MMO's considerably to cater to the entitled shits we call pre-teenies and those who just want things handed to them. Rather than legitimately attempting to work for an single piece of gear like you HAD to back in Vanilla or BC. Now it is laughable, too easy and presents nothing stimulating in content. The new story lines are shallow and short sighted.

  15. Cynessae

    Cynessae Crystal Brave

    It seems most people - and this forum isn't an exception - don't look at things objectively. But, for starters, I personally hate the term "WoW clone" about as much as I hate the terms "casual" and "hardcore" in relationship to anything gaming.

    It is 100% true that FFXIV: ARR and just about every other MMO these days shares something in common with WoW. That is a given and anyone disputing that fact needs to have their heads examined.

    My question is - what's wrong with that? WoW did a lot of things right. It's not god's gift to MMO gamers, by any means, but it is a highly successful and very polished MMO experience that changed this industry completely. I get sick and tired of people immediately jumping on the "white knight" bandwagon whenever someone brings up something from WoW that either should be added or removed from [insert new MMO here] simply because it was, well, in WoW. That's ridiculous people.

    If the mechanic or function worked well in WoW - and there are a lot of things that did - why the hell wouldn't you want to even consider it for [insert new MMO here]? It boggles my mind, frankly.

    I see this on every new MMO forum, people complaining that X feature or Y mechanic is too much like WoW. While I do appreciate innovation and differences in MMOs as much as the next person, if it works well, why not consider it? A tried and true feature, if executed well, is still a great feature to have in an MMO. And if it draws in more players, who cares what MMOs it took inspiration from?

    I guess what I'm trying to say is I simply don't understand the people jumping down throats for even suggesting a comparison between WoW and [insert new MMO here]. In the case of our MMO, FFXIV: ARR, there are tons of comparisons that can be made. Tons, literally. So, there is factual basis to back up the fact that it can be what people call a "WoW clone". Does that mean someone is saying it is like WoW in every single detail? Of course not. But, whether people like it or not, there are similarities. I think that's what the OP was asking about...but far be it from some people here to give him a straight answer, apparently.

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  16. Fybrile

    Fybrile Administrator

    Good enough for me.


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