FF14: ARR a WoW clone?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by PrinceValvick664, Jul 25, 2013.

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  1. PrinceValvick664

    PrinceValvick664 Adventurer

    Edit: I apologies taking a quote that I wasn't 100% sure of and personally, I don't consider FF14 ARR a WoW clone at all but I wouldn't know that from hand. Though, comparing the 2 games is easier to understand not from there differences but where in what parts that FF14 expands.

    Unless I heard wrong, the FF14 new producer stated that Final Fantasy 14: A realm Reborn being a World of Warcraft clone.

    Those who played the beta, I like to know what you think about FF14:ARR and how it compares to WoW. I don't normally play MMOs but I have been hearing other releases tying to achieve the WoW killer only for that to backfire against the game.

    To be fair, there is no "the better game" between the two MMOs, so please make this a mature convocation.

  2. ThadeusStern89

    ThadeusStern89 Crystal Brave

    The latest podcast episode discusses this. It may be similar to the very first incarnation of WoW, but not the current one. After 9 years or so it's a completely different game.

    Personally, I love FFXIV (not 1.0, of course). Couple of lag issues that need to be fixed, but otherwise fine. WoW I never played, so I can't offer any thoughts on it. I just know that it had and still has a large subscriber based due to its innovation, dedication, and creativity in general. Emulation, perhaps, but not cloning. FF has way more tropes to draw upon from its long and successful history. It's going to be familiar, but different enough to draw you in. Hope that was the type of post you were looking for.

  3. Sora Ryuu

    Sora Ryuu Crystal Brave

    looks like the start of a flame war to me <,> if this was another forum

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  4. A SIlly Sausage

    A SIlly Sausage Adventurer

    ARR ain't no WOW clone to simply put it. Has a lot of influences from WOW, Guildwars2 and so forth but not enough to be a clone.

    Order an chaos online is the WOW clone you looking for if anyone is actually looking

    Either way the game is brilliant and you won't be disappointed for taking the step into the world of MMORPG'S

  5. Tigris

    Tigris Adventurer

    From my perspective it has some WoW influences (or just things which are similiar)

    It has a clear Tank-Healer-DD aspect.
    It is focused on groupplay/instances.

    It has a similiar fight system with:

    Global Cooldown
    Cast Times
    Most attacks have no Cooldown themselves ( not like in GW2)
    Positioning can be important.
    No Dodge rolls
    More slow paced / less action based then others

    But of course there are also differences.

    Klassystem is different:

    You can switch classes easily.
    You have crossclass skills.
    No Skillpoints (like skilltrees).
    Classes "evolve" into Jobs.

    The world is completely different. And the game presents itself in a different style.

    FF instead of Warcraft.
    No comic more real.
    Other music and visual style.
    Overall more epic (also mor videos).

    Craftingsystem here is WAY better because it is more activ and fun and less of a "craft 100 of this to level up" stuff.
    Also Crafting as a class not as something you just do a little bit.

    Questsystem is different:

    Levequests system instead of daylis (with groupquests)
    Job/classquests (more then in WoW)
    Hunting Log

    Materiasystem instead of Enchantments.
    Crafting seams to be more important.

    So yes some of the parts I like about WoW are in this game, but it is not really a clone it has its completely own identity!!

  6. Alvarion

    Alvarion Crystal Brave

    No, this game is not a WoW clone and in no way did we say that in our podcast. We discussed the highlighted flaws of ARR that emerge from the experience of playing WoW. The biggest one being the disconnect between you and your character. We brought up that this exists in WoW to a certain extent with looting and such, however it does not transition over into the combat of the game, where it does with ARR. So, no, the game isn't a WoW clone. Like WoW, however, it does borrow a lot of things from the current competition and makes it its own.

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  7. Orien

    Orien Crystal Brave


    Good golly miss molly you must really like trolls.

    Simply because a game incorporates certain elements from other games doesn't make it a clone of this or that. Honestly use your brain and don't just jump on the bandwagon internet trolls.

    No, Yoshida has at no point said "ARR is going to be a WoW clone" do you honestly think he would have said that? Do you think that is a good marketing strategy; particularly with recent disillusionment amongst the WoW community?

    Answer: No it's not a WoW clone. Yes it draws certain aspects from WoW and many other games as every single MMO has done.
    Addendum: Please think before making posts.

  8. Luko

    Luko Scion

    I dunno. It DOES have action bars! And levels! And different races!

    My god, how have I not seen this before?! It's been right in front of me all along!

    Ok, for purposes of productivity, exactly what is the concern here? It's an awfully inflammatory topic to be having a few weeks before open beta without a realistic cause for concern or interest.

  9. Hyoda

    Hyoda Crystal Brave

    From what I've heard before and what I agree with. "The game pulls the best elements from other leading MMOs but refines them." I always wanted a WoW + FFXI.

  10. Eossian

    Eossian Adventurer

    people state that every mmo after WoW is a WoW clone, as if WoW was the first mmo.

    no one seems to remember everquest or asherons call. WoW and FFXI took ideas from Everquest and earlier mmo's.

    people have this dumb notion that, "if a game is like WoW, then why not just play WoW?". Is it so hard to think that people dislike WoW because, maybe, oh i dunno...the company is greedy as f**k and the game has been raped like silly since WotLK came out? The people who say "hurr it's grindan" "enjoy doing fetch quests and kill X mobs, hurrr" and other things are just trolls trying to make people "mad".

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  11. Hyoda

    Hyoda Crystal Brave

    Tis going to be an age old debate for years to come sadly. WoW ushered in millions of players than any MMO to date. So, that being said the majority will always compare WoW to "said MMO."

  12. Tigris

    Tigris Adventurer

    Wowclone for most people just means similar to WoW.

    And I think this is not something bad!

    I mean I really liked WoW at some point. So this is also a reason, why I like this game.

    Of course you allways want to compare games to others since this is an easy way to talk about them!

    And WoW is the best known game which is similar.

    I mean this game feels a lot more like WoW then Guidwars or Neverwinter or Terra just because of the similar combat system.

    But as long as it has a own identity and this game has a strong identity (it really much feels like FF and this is a great well known identity) I don't see anything bad.

    Because what I didn't liked about Guildwars and Neverwinter was that their combat system looked nice at the beginning, but the classes just felt to similiar.

    Because all of them just had attacks with different cooldowns... No resource management etc.

    So people shouldn't over react because of the term "WoW-Clone".

    Instead just show what is similar and why (combat system because this is good!) and what is different (the identity the whole world etc.).

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  13. Madrone Damodred

    Madrone Damodred Crystal Brave

    Same deal with Dynamic Events. Those have been around for a long time. They didn't start in GW2.

  14. Novaultima

    Novaultima Crystal Brave

    WoW is the worst joke ever. Many elements existed already in previous offline games, so you technically could say WoW is a clone of this or this game blah... if you want to feed trolls.

    For me WoW is just a place for people who can´t evolve and who deny any new experience.

    I have nothing against nostalgic, I´m also nostalgic for specific games but claiming something beeing a clone, is a sign of low intelligence and primitive denyance, especially if you claim it at ARR... and I´m sure that is just a rumor that the producer of ARR itself sayed this, lol.

    I also compare new MMO´s with other, but only with modern ones - Aion, Tera or B&S. And I don´t set them as norm for a new MMO, if specific points attract me more than my previous MMO, it´s more attractive for me - that simple.

    And imo it´s hilarious and stupid to say "this" game is always better than that new one because of nostalgic. Nostalgic is a connection between a game influencing your real life at some point, so you always will have good memorys on it - but it has nothing to with beeing better than any new game, it´s just an always beeing great memory thing.

  15. PurelySavage

    PurelySavage Crystal Brave

    I don't understand how people still like WoW.

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  16. Syn

    Syn Guest

    I'll tell you. It's extremely enjoyable. This is my fourth go round with it, picked it up again last week in between the lull of phases and I am having a blast. But judging from your comment you are probably one of the "played for 10mins and dropped it" crowd, yet if something like this were said about ARR youd shout "IT'S ONLY THE FIRST 5 LEVELS! ARHHJKSKJHDKJSHJDHS!" Just saying.

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  17. PurelySavage

    PurelySavage Crystal Brave

    Well there is a reason why more and more people are leaving the game.

  18. Syn

    Syn Guest

    Yeah, it's 10 years old, people ,move on, thats normal.
    How much WOW did you play?

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  19. Vamped

    Vamped Administrator

    Moved this to the "other games" section. I don't even consider this particular subject FFXIV related anymore. The topic has been brought up multiple times, and usually ends up nothing to do with FFXIV ARR and is just a cookie cutter "is <game> WoW?"

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  20. Luko

    Luko Scion


    Yet no P2P MMO has ever come close to its success, it's sub numbers, it's revenue, it's budget, or realistically its content and scale of size. I'm faaaaaaar from a WoW fanboi, but I'm not going to sit here like a blind moron and pretend that it wasn't a phenomenal game and experience during the years I played it.

    Nearing 9 years of being online and still rocking 8 MILLION subscribers? I don't use this word very often, but I fear we may be in the presence of "haters."

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