FC Housing - Where will your Free Company Be Based?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Belfor, Aug 2, 2013.

  1. Belfor

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    With a lot of information and images about the housing areas I'm curious on people's thoughts on where they will base their Free Companies. As I understand it FC housing will be released/more accessible initially so it would be interesting to see if your Free Company's theme jives with any particular area or architecture style.

    Some initial images for those who want to take a look:
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  2. PurelySavage

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    It would be cool to be able to live with someone in housing, but the idea of FC housing is pretty rad. Either way, it adds flare to the game.
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  3. Kolossus

    Kolossus Vice Admin

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    Without having seen the whole of each housing zone, personally, I would prefer Limsa Lominsa or Ul'dah, probably in that order. However, since a Free Company is made up of more members than just it's founder, I would put this decision up to a democratic vote in a forum or in the FC screen in-game, if possible. Majority rules for that kind of decision. ;)
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  4. GodEaterZwei

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    Funny thing is Hammerfist just had a poll about this and Ul'dah won XD.

    Kolossus - I agree, democratic vote is the only way to handle something like this.
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  5. fluttersnipe

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    Do we know how housing will work? I know Yoshi stated that only FC housing we be available first, but will there be some kind of instanced district for houses where everyone can go freely? Or will it be a teleport spell to get inside the house?
  6. Belfor

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    The "Goblet" artwork looks amazing. I'm not surprised about the decision there.
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    I agree with a vote but sometimes the creator of the FC might have some sort of background for the company. This is probably true in particular for RP based groups.
  7. Fybrile

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    Actually, I'd prefer my FC to have a house based in Limsa Lominsa, and I would buy my personal house in Gridania. LL seems a great place to get together with friends. Gridania seems to be the best place for some quiet solitude. Ul'dah seems like the best place to sweat balls.
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  8. Zoot

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    Spoken like a true Hobbit. Lol jk. I'll second this notion :p
  9. Deucalion Stormbourne

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    For FC housing I would probably lean more towards Ul'dah, and personal housing would definately be the Black Shroud.
  10. Syn

    Syn Guest

    Don't know yet I just know my FC housing will be named "The Observatory".
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  11. Linda

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    As Fyb said, I share the same views as him. I see Grid as a place to call home and Limsa as where we all go o get together and have fun. Party at the beach!!!! So far my group seems to like the idea of having the FC at the beach as the vacation spot. We will see later on. I prefer to give more time before choosing our FC location until we see more. :)
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  12. Kassatsu

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    Probably Uldah as it's central to a lot of the world or maybe limsa cause it looks awesome!
  13. Jesse Welch

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    Can a person who starts in limsa purchase a home in uldah or vise versa? My brother and I are planning to start up a free company based on our initial static of friends to start off. It would be bad if my brother starts in grid for conjurer and as free company leader cannot buy elsewhere.
  14. Zoot

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    Where you start really has zero bearing on the game past level 15. At 20 you choose your Grand Company and that can be any of the three, regardless of where you started. Even then your grand company has zero impact on who you invite to the Free Company. Lastly since your Free Company will be made up with individuals from varying Grand Companies, it stands to reason you'll get to pick any city, regardless of your personal affiliation, for your Free Company Housing.
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