[FC][Aether][Faerie] Wings of Cerberus looking for active players, new players and veterans alike!

Discussion in 'Faerie' started by Shadow_Wolf1228, Nov 13, 2017.

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    Wings of Cerberus is a small but willing to help FC that is recruiting all types of players to join our ranks. Whether you are team focused and ready for activities or if you are a solo player simply looking to contribute and reap the rewards of Free Company leveling, Wings of Cerberus welcomes you. Wings of Cerberus is a FC on the Aether Data Center in world Fairie. We plan to hold FC events throughout the coming months including Escorted dungeons and trial runs (for those learning mechanics), and other off the Wall events with prizes like minion and pet giveaways etc. We hope to purchase the biggest FC house and plot in Shirogane if possible as well.We welcome all members to join our Discord server to build our helpful community of members and keep the FC active in and out of FFXIV. If you are interested in becoming one of the WoC let me know.

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