Exodus Server..... Lets make the best of it

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrutusMaximus, Aug 19, 2013.

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    Anyone planning on staying on here.... and if so anyone planning on making a free company? This wasn't the server I was planning on playing but where I got stuck but I think it will work all my r/l friends aren't going to be playing till release but im interested in meeting any peeps who are planning on staying around and trying to make something that was kind of unfortunate into a great experience and possibly a great server. As far as Free companies go im interested in eventually doing end game once I get the right level.... I plan on rolling both tank classes/jobs for the most part I really like tanking, might even be interested in making my own FC if I get to know enough peeps on there but anyways hit me up if your interested in making or helping me make a FC on exodus.
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    Hey I got on Exodus too after repeatedly trying for leviathan and diabolos.Iafter two days of playing on this server I come to realize its very friendly and lots of people to party up with.I'm an archer in gridania and then working on other class in uldahl to become blackmage.I think u will enjoy it here and I'd love to party up for some dungeons and what not..my psn I'd is apollokids and character bobo hodgins I'm currently lvl 14.Good luch and hope to c ya on..Enjoy!!!

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