Free Company <Exile> LGBT friendly, new and veteran!

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    Exile is an easygoing, Rank 8, LGBT friendly FC looking for casual to hardcore players for dungeons, raids, PvP, and more! FC chat is lively, fun, and welcoming, both in-game and on our private Discord server!

    A friendly, helpful community is ready to assist newer players with questions and leveling. Many experienced players are also ready to coordinate with veteran players to run higher level content.

    Exile has a large estate in The Goblet with a beautiful interior with plenty of seating ideal for hanging out with members and chatting. The housing is outfitted with all crafting stations, a Crystal Bell & Summoning bell, a personal Aetheryte, and all NPCs.

    Those in Exile are committed to growing and improving the quality of our FC every day. All are involved and invested in their fellow FC members. You'll feel right at home in seconds! Come join us and make some friends while adventuring across Eorzea!

    Send me a private message, comment, or whisper me in game (A'div Senon) most hours of the day and I can answer any questions and welcome you to the company!

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