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    So I'm just throwing this out there, because our guides section here at Realm is one of our greatest resources, and one of the things that draw people in. I get the impression that many people feel like that they're under qualified to write guides, and so they themselves don't participate. Why aren't you qualified?

    "I'm not good at my class". So write about crafting or something

    "I can't craft either". So write about what you do know

    "FFS MATT ITS MY FIRST DAY, GIVE ME A BREAK!!" You mean to tell me you've had the game for 24 hours and you haven't learned anything that a newcomer might want to know?!

    Seriously though, I recently wrote up a guide that was just about picking the right data center/server/class/job, all things that involve not even having started playing yet. I didn't know most of the information, I just looked it up.

    So here's some ideas of guides you could write that involve all levels of know-how. Just remember to quote your sources if you're looking things up, and look things up when you're not 100% sure of what you're about to write.

    • How to play a certain class or role
    • How to do a certain dungeon, raid, trial (keep in mind this can be ifrit Storymode, or Sastasha, etc. Newbies get nervous about all kinds of new content and could really use your help--everything's scary the first time)
    • The Ultimate Chocobo Guide; how to get your chocobo, how to level your chocobo, how your chocobo skills work, how to colour your chocobo, how to race your chocobo--Any or all of this information is invaluable, we all love our chocobos and its one of the things newbies most look forward to
    • Tanking strategies/tips such as how to tank swap, how to LoS mobs, how to use your healer as bait to pull ranged mobs closer to yourself (not that I ever do that of course :shifty:)
    • Eos guide
    • Selene guide
    • Garuda EGI guide
    • Ifrit EGI guide
    • Titan EGI guide
    • Carbuncles guide
    • all pets guide
    • How to do... crafter thingies that crafters do for specific things, or all the things. Idk how crafting works ok
    • Hunts guide; how to find hunts, how the different ranks work, why you should do them, how to form/find hunt parties, what sort of skills the marks have, etc.
    • FFXIV resources guide. This could basically list off websites and such that will help people do... anything in Eorzea.
    • PS3/PS4/PC guide
    • HUD guide
    • Settings guide
    • Levelling guide
    • Questing guide--Can be how to complete a certain questline (like Main Scenario, CT quests, Class quests, etc.)
    • Endgame guide. Can simply break down the different primals, raids, dungeons, explain what sort of drops they offer, and what's required to be completed in what order for what questline. wut.
    • Gearing guide. It's one of the most common questions from fresh 50s, "How do I gear up quickly?
    • Triple Triad

    Anyways, hopefuly this inspires you. Feel free to steal any of the above ideas for yourself, this is a way that anyone can contribute to FFXIVRealm.

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    • Vais guide to creepy outfits! Trolling DF while playing like a Boss.
    Live in fear

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