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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Joe, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Joe

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    Your current service account does not allow for the creation of any more characters on this world. I only have 1 MAYBE 2 servers that will even allow me to choose them, and none of them will let me make a char. WTF? Legit feedback only please. I have been a part of this game since day 1, and iv waited a really long time to enjoy it.
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    I tried my legacy 1.0 char, and it gave me the option to remake him, and then just freezes on "play the game" This has been one of the most frustrating games iv ever tried to play.

  2. HeroMystic

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    Square locked out a number of servers because they're full. If you haven't made a character yet you're more or less screwed.

    Square is making two more worlds if I remember right, and they're also expanding the servers. Unfortunately you'll have to keep trying or wait for them to update.

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  3. shady

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    I had that issue earlier this afternoon when making a new character. I just had to close and reopen the client and all was fine. But I had to refresh every three minutes for a pretty good while to get in the server I wanted. But I created a new character and got it on my desired server, but it took a little while.

    Then I got through the opening scene and just arrived at Gridania when error 9000 popped up. I'll check again tonight but it's all over the internet to reopen a new client to get around 3035.

  4. nz_chic

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    A new client is ok for pc but poor ps3 users can't do this lol

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