Equipment Colors - Can anyone explain the difference?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Prometheus Bound, Jul 7, 2013.

  1. Prometheus Bound

    Prometheus Bound Adventurer

    Like other games, XIV has gear colors. So far I have seen Green and Pink. Are there other colors? And can anyone make a list showing us the order of rarity? Thanks!

  2. Danforth Wright

    Danforth Wright Crystal Brave

    Green - Plundered gear
    Pink - Aetherial gear

    I know the Aetherial gear is more rare and valuable than the Plundered gear. There are more differences, but I'm not certain about the details yet.

  3. lionheart dracul

    lionheart dracul New Member

    i thought you were talking about how weird all the armors look and who decided to color them...
    i think whoever decided on the armors coloring system was tripping hard on acid.... most gear doesn't even have the same coloring lol...
    (puke green helm purple chesting pink boots and yellow leggings) lol like wtf???
    (yes i know you can dye your gear but wtf was wrong with the designer of the gear lol)

  4. Aidenn

    Aidenn Crystal Brave

    Yea, some of the gear I got from dungeons and from the GC quartermaster for THM where U.G.L.Y. I had gotten a headpiece with some REALLY nice level 32 stats but it was bright purple, tall, and shaped like a cone. Good stats or not, I kept my circlet on.

  5. lionheart dracul

    lionheart dracul New Member

    xD i hide all my heard gear...
    head gear looks retarded on elfs.

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  6. Prometheus Bound

    Prometheus Bound Adventurer


  7. Madrone Damodred

    Madrone Damodred Crystal Brave


    I think its the other way around, although value is relative. Pink seems to drop more often than Green. It can be converted to materia, while Green can't. Pink's stats are randomized, so sometimes you can get really good ones for their level. Aesthetically, the Greens usually have a more unique look, while Pinks often look like common crafted gear.

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  8. Sword

    Sword Scion

    There are 4 different colors of gear, each having their own special properties and types.

    Pink- Atherial Gear- Pink Gear is pieces of common usually craftable gear that have random augmented stats attached to them. These are by no means special most of the time, but every now and again you can come across a special gem that has some really good bonus augments attached.

    Green- Scarace Gear- Green Gear is special gear that has a higher than average stats and item levels compared to gear of the same equippable level. You can kind of think of these pieces of gear as a HQ +2, but they are not by any means leaps and bounds better than normal gear for their level.

    Blue- Rare Gear (Not to be confused with R/EX)- Blue gear is special gear and usually has a much higher stats over Scarace Gear. This type of gear's item level also varies greatly, and typically you won't see any Blue gear that has an item level below 50.

    Purple- Relic Gear- Bluntly put, Relic is a special type of gear and is considered to be the strongest in the game, giving unique and powerful effects no other gear in the game can provide. You might think of Relic gear as gear specifically attuned for your class/jobs strengths and weaknesses. As of right now the only Relics out there are the Relic Weapons which are only avaliable currently for the original 1.0 Jobs.

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  9. Zheri

    Zheri Crystal Brave

    It's the other way around actually. I had both the Plundered Cuirass (lvl 15 green) and Aetherial Bronze Cuirass (lvl 15 pink) drop for my MRD this past weekend. The green version had slightly higher defense values and stat budget than the pink one. From that and checking around xivdb I'm going to say that the order of quality goes (highest to lowest): purple > blue > green > pink > white.

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  10. Jesse Welch

    Jesse Welch Adventurer


    You do realize, they added dyes to the game for this very reason. You can adjust any piece of gear to any color you want so it matches with the rest of the set.

  11. Sithius

    Sithius Crystal Brave

    Not really... From my experience you cannot dye like half the gear.

  12. Luko

    Luko Scion


    Yeah, would seem that anything green quality or over is completely undyable, unless that's just for the beta. Either way, as of now, that how it is.

  13. Colt47

    Colt47 Crystal Brave


    Don't see it changing anytime soon. The more detail oriented the artwork, the more work that has to go into making an alternate coloration. A lot of the green gear pieces I've seen are heavily detailed so it stands to reason they wont have a lot of alternate colorations.

  14. Cassidy

    Cassidy Adventurer

    I hope it doesn't change because I think it's fine this way. Anything green and up is pretty rare so it's nice to be able to recognize some of the rarer armors/items on people with just a glance.

  15. ThadeusStern89

    ThadeusStern89 Crystal Brave

    I'm not sure what value can be placed on them if they're unsellable and tradeable. Or am I wrong about that?

  16. Danforth Wright

    Danforth Wright Crystal Brave

    I had it backwards, for one. The greens are more rare than the pinks. Also their stats are better. Value can be based on their gil value or their rarity and sometimes both. In this case it's simply "valuable" in the sense that they are a bit of a pain in the ars to get.

  17. FFADD

    FFADD Adventurer

    This is sooooooooo necro, but again, for ppl who come along later, please remember you have the option (in a couple different places actually) to use your head armor/gear and have it NOT show...which is one of the changes in this game I actually DO like, along with the dye option, which really does need to apply to EVERYTHING except Grand Company gear, IMO, and even that should be able to be turned neutral colors if you're not down with, say, GREEN and YELLOW for instance but are yellow to the DEATH to Gridania... (just sayin')
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    This has clearly changed now. Aetherial gear IS special and does have higher stats than "regular" gear, and can also be traded in for GC seals once you've obtained high enough rank in your Grand Company, so if you never plan on being a tank and keep getting that kind of gear, don't just toss it to make space (which is SEVERELY lacking in this game with only two retainers allowed and USELESS Armoirs that STRIP AWAY SOULBINDING if you use them to store items anyway).

    There's also Dark-Light and Mythic Gear and more planned for the future along with a "Vanity" system coming when patch 2.2 drops which will allow cross over of stats to other armor within classes of gear. In other words MEN will be delighted because even MORE female characters will be running around in little white skirts and black bikini White Mage Colosseum "armor". But... men still can't have nipples and NO ONE can have rear ends that even approximate realism.

    I would like, at this point, love to make XIV's art producers view BAD ART for 8 hours a day just as punishment, though I doubt they'd notice given their idea of what is and isn't attractive of late...
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    Pardon me, I couldn't edit because they'd merged my posts, but I meant to say *loyal not "yellow to the death to Gridania" above... though I do feel I have been rather yellowed to more ways than one. ~.^

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