Podcast Episode 15 - The One About The Best & Worst of 2.0

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  1. Fybrile

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    The Echo Podcast Crew is back!

    Listen to our latest episode HERE: http://ffxivrealm.com/media/the-echo-episode-15-the-one-about-the-best-worst-of-2-0.213/media



    In this episode, we're joined by Jinzuku, one of the moderators here at the Realm, in time for our review of the best and worst parts of 2.0. This episode was actually recorded a number of weeks ago, but due to some RL issues (read: getting slammed with work) it's been a long time in editing.

    If you're interested in being a part of The Echo, we'd love to hear from you! Send us your plugs, you shout-outs, your achievements, your pre-recorded segments, we'd love to give them a spot in one of our upcoming episodes. And, as always, we're still looking for a crafter to come on and be the host of our Crafters' Corner segment. If you're interested, give us a PM or just feel free to reply to one of our threads on the Realm!

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  2. joshua david

    joshua david Crystal Brave

    man i wish i was on this episode.

    best job- whm! for me, it does the best job of customization. where as others lean heavily on crit/det and ss for blm; you can do anything with whm and still do amazing things.
    best city state- def gridania. my thoughts were mentioned by Fybrile
    zodiac crap- i despised the questline and stopped shortly into atma. my fix would be to integrate EX modes into the upgrade process. didnt we need to clear HMs to get it in the first place?
    why not drop items needed to upgrade the weapon from the EX modes then. have titan drop an item that would increase the weapons VIT, ramuh drop CRIT, etc.

    i could write a book but ill just say another great episode and @Jinzuku was a great addition!

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  3. GeekMatt

    GeekMatt Moderator

    So good I listened twice!

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  4. Jinzuku

    Jinzuku Vice Administrator

    Loved it. I had so much fun chatting to you all again. Even if my internet had other plans nearer the end. Hopefully I'll be able to do it again soon :p

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  5. Hermes

    Hermes Scion

    Lol... You all failed when you chose your own jobs and city states! Lol. FF minus minus.

    J/k... There's obviously a reason we play 200+ hours on a given job...

    Smn, is, without a doubt the hardest job to do well. So I agree 100% with that shared vote... But wow, it's an amazing job when played right. (Same for ACN fybrile... We weren't all noxiously horrible at that DPS... It's just most ppl ignore energy drain and ruin spam instead...).

    Great episode.

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