Podcast Episode 13 - The One About Last Week's News

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  1. Fybrile

    Fybrile Administrator

    The Echo Podcast Crew is back!

    Listen to our lastest HERE: http://ffxivrealm.com/media/episode-13-the-one-about-last-weeks-news.211/media



    In this episode, Fybrile starts a new segment called "Feelings, with Fybrile", Majaa's shows us her best British accent, and Kolossus has some really, really, really big news. We go over our impressions of patch 2.5.1 and Heavensward news from PAX East.

    We decided to go for a little more of a light-hearted Hot Topic this episode, and talked about our 2.0 Bucket List from @The47thSen 's thread Stuff to Accomplish Before 3.0.

    In all honesty, this episode should have been ready a week ago, as I got caught up with the Realm 2.0 update. Make sure to check out this episode, as Kolossus spoils the prize we've got lined up for a competition we'll be announcing in Episode 14.

    If you're interested in being a part of The Echo, we'd love to hear from you! Send us your plugs, you shout-outs, your achievements, your segments, we'd love to give them a spot in one of our upcoming episodes. And, as always, we're still looking for a crafter to come on and be the host of our Crafters' Corner segment. If you're interested, give us a PM or just feel free to reply to one of our threads on the Realm!

    Also, head over to Facebook to give us a "like" HERE.

    And we've just started a Twitter feed HERE, where we'll be posting a lot of stuff for (and during) the show.

    This episode's intermission song is played by Jess Plays. You can check out the song and subscribe to her channel HERE.


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  2. Jinzuku

    Jinzuku Vice Administrator

    Another awesome show.

    It's a shame that our timezones are so different because I would have loved to join you on a podcast (whether it be FFXIV or FFXV) as I really enjoyed myself the last time I was on. At least I wouldn't have to try too hard to put on a British accent :p

    One thing that might be nice is to have listeners record and send questions directed to the podcast hosts that you can play and answer on the show.

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  3. Kolossus

    Kolossus Vice Admin

    That sounds awesome!

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  4. joshua david

    joshua david Crystal Brave

    yet again another great show. my cheeks were hurting. y'all make doing homework so much more bearable.

    a few questions for the group for a broadcast..

    how did the podcast come to be?
    did you know each other before this?
    any chance on a video episode/ livestream?
    do you ever get recognized on your server for the show?
    (ps. i saw Fybrile afk a little while back on Hyperion and was so close to sending a tell but thought i'd come off too fan boy-ish so i ended up just checked out his gear lol)
    why in the world is Fybrile in China?

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  5. Maaja

    Maaja Moderator

    Bryn, Siren
    How did the podcast come to be? A while back Fyb posted a thread looking for people interested in joining him for one. He asked that we send him a message & some did, some just responded to the thread. I was interested & we started up a convo. At the time, he was also speaking with Sword & Kolossus. That's about how it came to be for me.

    Did you know each other before this? Well, around here I knew of Kolossus, didn't know Sword & enjoyed reading Fyb's posts & rants.

    Any chance of a video/livestream. We've discussed livestreaming, but never video. I dunno if I can answer that one.

    Did you ever get recognized on your server for the show? No, but I did have one person join my FC because he'd heard the show & enjoyed it. He still listens, too, even tho he's no longer in the FC.

    Why in the world is Fybrile in China? You got me. He's Canadian.

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  6. Kolossus

    Kolossus Vice Admin

    Explains SO much.

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