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Discussion in 'Disciples of War' started by Tyrlil, Sep 15, 2013.

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    Alright fellow Paladins, I've finally reached level 50 and on the first 2 8-man dungeon and I was surprise at how much Warriors built up more Enmity than me, but at some point I managed to find a rotation that kinda worked but if I delayed the rotation (due to boss moving around or healers casting regen at the start of the fight) it takes FOREVER to take it back.

    So, what do you guys do to start that build up?

    Mine is:

    Start with Shield Oath

    Provoke > Shield Lob > Flash > Fast Blade > Savage Blade > Flash > Rage of Halone >Circle of Scorn.

    then rinse and repeat without the Provoke and Circle of Scorn until the cooldown for Provoke is done.

  2. HeroMystic

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    If they are good, Warriors will always build emnity quicker than you. That's just how it is.

    As for Provoke, don't use it. Provoke does not give you enmity, it simply puts you on the top of the hate list (Enmity of Top player + 1). Save that for whenever a healer is getting attacked.

    Shield Oath > Shield Lob > Flash (Circle of Scorn) > Flash (Spirits Within) > Fast Blade > Savage Blade > Flash > Rage of Halone

    CoS and Spirits Within is in Parenthesis because you should be using them while GCD is up.

    8-man dungeons are hectic, especially with a DF group that doesn't care about how much enmity they're generating. If there are AoE's being generated everywhere, you may have to hold off on the Halone Combo and just spam Flash to keep solid hate on everything.

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    Hero, what about strictly single target? Would you omit flash? I feel getting to RoH is the most important when everyone starting to dps the target. also, how do you feel about popping flight or flight to start?

  4. HeroMystic

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    I hardly use Flash whenever it's single-target only. Only time I use it is during special cases when a boss is immune to damage.

    Fast Blade (Spirits Within) > Savage Blade (Circle of Scorn) > Rage of Halone. Don't use Shield Swipe unless it works on the mob and they have a dangerous weaponskill you want to pacify. Rage of Halone has an x5 enmity modifier, doubled by Shield Oath (x10), so getting out your Halone Combo is indeed the most important aspect of Paladin tanking.

    Unless there's a DPS phase to worry about (which usually means your DPS is bad), I always use Fight or Flight at the start of a battle, as that is the most crucial time to raise the threat ceiling. There's pretty much no reason to save it for any other time.

  5. Elvirnith

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    Ah... AHH... AHHHHHHH!


    Paladin's that don't know how to use Provoke make me a sad Paladin.

    As Hero stated, never, ever, ever start your rotation with Provoke. If you start with Provoke you've just completely wasted the ability and have lost precious time to generate real ENM.

    The way I like to start for multiple enemies:

    Shield Lob > Flash > Circle of Scorn > Fast Blade > Savage Blade > Rage of Halone > Spirits Within. Then:

    Fast Blade > Savage Blade > Flash > Rage of Halone on any mob that's starting to shift in ENM or, if none, then on the one marked #2.

    I then repeat CoS and SW whenever they're up. If any of the mobs have been put to sleep, obviously you'll want to avoid using CoS.

    For a single boss I open with:

    Shield Lob > Flash > Fast Blade > Savage Blade > Rage of Halone


    Fast Blade > Savage Blade > Rage of Halone.

    I save SW and CoS on bosses with adds as these are useful tools I may need at some point during the fight. The DPS from them is negligible as well. For example, on the Chimera battle we had two bards, but one died, and I had SW up when Ram's Voice was coming up, so I popped it and saved our group. If I had been using it as part of my rotation we wouldn't have had a silence there and would've wiped.

    Now, when do you use Provoke? Use Provoke followed by something like Shield Lob when an enemy drops aggro and starts running at another player. Provoke will move you to the top of the ENM list and reduce the amount of abilities that you need to utilize in order to get the mob back. In most cases, as long as they're not actively attacking the mob or spamming giant heals, a Provoke + Shield Lob should be all that's needed to get the mob back. Then simply hit a flash once it rejoins the pack an you should be good to go at that point. I'd hit it with a Rage of Halone in your next combo just to make sure it's secured, though.

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    Seems like I can out aggro a Paladin with just Heavy Swing > Skull Sunder > Butchers block, if i'm offtank I will keep away from rotating that too much.

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