Summoner Egis and Beastmen

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    I'm writing a fanfic on FFXIV and I plan to have one of the villains be a Summon who manipulates Beastmen to follow his commands. I figure he would be capable of aiding in the summoning of true Primals, or even do it himself with the proper rituals.

    Anyroad, I'm curious what you all think would be the reaction most Beastmen would have upon seeing a Primal-Egi? Would they show it respect as a fragment of their gods? Or would they see it as blasphemous for a mortal to so enslave it? I haven't found any lore on the matter so I suppose it's up to my own discretion as author, but I'm curious for others' opinions.

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    I'd say it depends alot on the type of beastman or if the summoner enslaved them or is granted the power from the primal.

    I could see the Sylphs respecting the egi and summoner while the Amalj'aa would be more pissed you stole Ifrits power. They may believe that they need to kill the summoner to return the power to the primal or added that egi's power to there own "god" by a sacrifice.

    There are lots of different ways to see it but the best of luck to your fanfic.

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    I want to write a eroge fanfic between myself and Garuda... but good luck on yours!

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