E3 Live and Letter from the Producer

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  1. Juliankamui86

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    Ok, to those who didnt watch the E3 live letter, reddit made a summary with all topics that was discussed. and here tehy are:haha::

    • Apartments coming in 3.4
    • Reselling land for high amounts is not allowed and GMs will enforce this, report it if you see it on PF
    • They are working on increasing housing item limit, stay tuned
    • Next expansion: "large increase" for inventory space
    • 2000 mentor roulette runs for the mount: they have no intend to decrease it
    • No plans to really nerf Weeping City
    • Can we get Savage Weeping City? "WHAT REALLY? Okay okay maybe eventually when we get more wiggle room"
    • They'll look into letting Dragonskin maps stack
    • Mount abilities in open world (like the broom ability): they're working on it one at a time
    • They're thinking about a raid roulette as requested by every region
    • Can we get stage furnishings? Yoshi-P asks the housing team while on camera to do this
    • They'll think about an icon to represent "in character" for RP
    • A MGP bonus event rotation? They have the system in from the Gold Saucer event, they'll consider it
    • Change pose for sleeping? Has been worked on for a while, it'll be in 3.35
    • Less than a month for 3.35
    • New anti-RMT tools: 3.4 will bring a system where you can directly report it to accumulate the reports on the server and throw them into jail (this is already used in DQX). Yoshi-P got a RMT tell while on a NA server today at E3
    • Sleipnir flying: they'll try to prioritize it
    • Lv. 17 required for Deep Dungeon
    • He recommends doing 2.4 + Tam-Tara before going into Deep Dungeon (hint)
    • Deep Dungeon has 2 "save slots", 16-bit graphic UI
    • Deep Dungeon has much faster leveling
    • Treasure chests will drop items or level up your weapon/armor (or will be a mimic)
    • Every 10 floors is a boss, and that's where you can save
    • Can't progress floors if someone is dead
    • No lock outs
    • Rewards: take the glowing weapons out to the open world
    • Launching with 50 floors
    • Later on 100 or 200 floors will be available, but this will be a challenge progressing above floor 100
    • Your powered up gear applies to all save slots in Deep Dungeon
    • Deep Dungeon has party matching, but it's different from Duty Finder
    • No required roles for Deep Dungeon party matching
    • Cait Sith doll plushie: preorders start today, includes in-game item code (Cait Sith ears)
    • EU Fan Fest: Feb 18+19
    • Fan Fest minions (one per region): Rikku, Lulu, Yuna
    • Fan Fest glamour: one top secret outfit
    • NA ticket presales: June 21 @ 12pm PDT (watch for an email tonight)
    • One person can buy up to 4 tickets
    • http://ffxiv-fanfest.com/na/blog/index.php?post_id=1#post-1
    • Moogle slippers (physical product) still being produced
    • Live Letter ended

    Hope u liked it :dreamy:- Juju Raven

  2. Skylock

    Skylock Crystal Brave

    Interesting stuff - I'm interested in the apartments and Deep Dungeon info.

    One question:
    • 2000 mentor roulette runs for the mount: they have no intend to decrease it
    Having only returned to the game like 3 weeks ago - what is mentor roulette?

  3. Billy Batsonn

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    When you unlock Mentor status you can do mentor roulette that drop you into well pretty anything (dungeons, guildhest, EX primals) that have newbies in it. Honestly wouldnt be that bad to me if it wasn't for EX primals. Try it once and got LeviEX, with half newbies, teaching that was hard and I suck at him in the first place.

  4. Skylock

    Skylock Crystal Brave

    Oh, okay! That's a neat idea.

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