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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Alvarion, Aug 24, 2013.

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    Ok, so I have found a few Dungeon quests to unlock the dungeons but I am still missing a couple. I will post here with the whereabouts of the NPCs and their names (if I can remember them). Please help and add when you find the ones I am missing.

    Sastasha: Story Mission
    Copperbell Mines: Story Mission
    Tamtara: Story Mission
    Halatali: Nedrick Iron-something (Vesper Bay)
    Thousand Maws of Totorak: Story Mission (Into the Beast's Maw lvl 24)
    Haukke Manor: Story Mission (Skeleton's in Her Closet lvl 28)
    Brayflox Longstop: Story Mission (The Things We Do For Cheese lvl 32)
    Sunken Temple of Qarn: Nedrick Iron-something (Vesper Bay)
    Cutter's Cry: Silbold (Ul'dah Market Wards)
    The StoneVigil: Story Mission (In Pursuit of the Past lvl 41)
    Dzameal Stronghold: Carrilaut (The Observatorium)
    The Wanderers Palace: Allene (Vesper Bay)
    The Aurum Vale: Nedrick Iron-something (Vesper Bay)
    Amdapor Keep: Nedrick in Vesper Bay (Must first complete Story and AV before he gives you this quest)
    Castrum Meridium: Story Mission
    The Preteorium: Story Mission
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  2. Alvarion

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    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 24, 2013, Original Post Date: Aug 24, 2013 ---
    Trying to keep this on the front page as to hopefully get it filled out
  3. Sithius

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    How the heck do I get into 1000 maws?
  4. Alvarion

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    As soon as I know, it will be updated. Servers are down so..... at a stalemate until then.
  5. Fybrile

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    This thread has been temporarily stickied to encourage members to share the information herein.
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  6. Megrim

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    Thousand Maws is opened up by the main quest line. You get the quest after doing a bunch of other quests for Buscarron in the Southern Shroud. The quest to open it up is called 'Into the Beast's Maw' & you have to be level 24 to complete the quest. The Instance syncs to 27.
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  7. Alvarion

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    Updated with new info
  8. Eossian

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    i dont think the levels are correct. makes more sense to put the levels at what you can que. brayflox is 32-35, for example.
  9. Syn

    Syn Guest

    Wanderers is 50
  10. Alvarion

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    Updated with Stone Vigil
  11. Prisalia

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    More info:
    NPC: Nedrick Ironheart
    Quest name(so you can watch recommendations): Hallo Halatali
  12. Alvarion

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    Updates complete!
  13. dusta

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    Sastasha: It's Probably Pirates Story Mission (Baderon at the drowning wench)
    Copperbell Mines: Must run SAS and TTC then Story Mission
    Tamtara: Fire in the Gloom Story Mission (Mother in Gridania)

    that's all i could find for you :)
  14. Kassatsu

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    Friend said he didn't get Amdapor after AV and someone on another site said "Got it after i've finished the main story, Gridania Grand Company NPC gave me access" not sure if it's true. Can you comment on where you got the unlock for it?
  15. Alvarion

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    You need to complete story AND AV. sorry. hadn't updated yet. It's updated now.
  16. Tyrlil

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    So which is the first dungeon you need to go to for the first "End Game" experience. or just grind dem last 2 dungeon?
  17. xusha

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    Hard Mode Garuda is in Vesper Bay - Waking Sands. (Killed HM Ifrit requirement)
    Hard Mode Titan is in Vesper Bay - Waking Sands. (Killed HM Garuda requirement)
    I forgot the following one's name. Though the requirement is to kill HM Titan. Also located in Vesper Bay - Waking Sands.
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  18. Kolossus

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    The Binding Coil of Bahamut?
  19. xusha

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    Think that's the name. I'm too lazy to go on my White Mage to double check ha. :c
  20. nz_chic

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    I was just doing the copperbell mines and my team doesn't help anyone. ..we died three to four times. ..and when we reached the last giant they all stood there and didn't move. .then one said that he would stay and watch me die over and over again so I left...I am so annoyed.

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