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Discussion in 'Disciples of Magic' started by Adonsa, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. Adonsa

    Adonsa Crystal Brave

    I'm a level 10 THM, with the goal of making it to at least level 26, maybe higher.

    Ummmmm, at what level do I get the flaming pet? What is its name?
    I think I missed it or something, 'cause I'm doing hunting log stuff and getting beat up bad (with battle gear and bonus attribute points set properly, and repairs up to date), and my Choco is getting beat up.

    I even put the level-11 baddie to sleep, drink some hi-potion, move back, he wakes up and I die. So I'm down at Drybone embarrassing myself.

    Searching with search engines gave no info. When I was arcanist, I got Carby at level 5, and I kicked ass.

    Thanks much.

  2. xshevix

    xshevix Crystal Brave

    Unless I've missed something you don't get a pet with thm. As far as I know any ways, I'm a lvl 37 and don't have one. I think you get them with leveling arcanist?
    Not sure that's right but someone more in the know will be along soon.

  3. Bizant

    Bizant Scion

    ^ I think that's correct.

    Also, excellent avatar. Dad dog.

  4. RaisinBranYum

    RaisinBranYum New Member

    You only get the flaming pet, ifrit egi, when you level arcanist to 30 and specialize as a summoner. I don't really know what advice I can give for your problem with killing mobs, though, as it's been a while since I was in that same position. What kind of a rotation are you using to kill things?

  5. Adonsa

    Adonsa Crystal Brave

    Hi RaisinBranYum,
    Thanks much for the info about ifrit egi. Summoners are cool, so I should do that.
    All I'm doing so far is hunting log and the THM quests, and a few leve-quests. As a level 12, my gear rating was level 8 or so. I moved all 3 Intelligence attribute bonus points into Intelligence. Doing one on one with a baddie, and with the Rank-3 Choco helping, I could only kill baddies 3 levels above me. If another baddie showed up to help, I died, even with hi potion.

    Typically, I use the Fire until the MP gets low, then switch to the Blizzard. I try to start out with the Thunder, but I can't tell for sure if that does any good.

    Either transpose doesn't do much of anything, or I don't know how to use it.

    I use Thunder because I know that DoT can help.

    Sleep is disappointing. If I dont cast Sleep before my HP goes below 50%, it's too late. During that 30 seconds, my HP is supposed to go back up. It hardly moves. Then the monster finishes me off.

    Just got Blizzard-2, so far, the monsters laugh at me when I cast it.

    When I was the same level as an Conjurer and Arcanist, I could kill baddies 5 or 6 levels above me without any problem and without using the Chocobo. As a Pug, I could handle maybe 4 or 5 levels above me, going 1 on 1 with a baddie.

    The last event of the THM Rank-2 hunting log. I had to get a Level-50 WHM to heal me, and he worked his ass off.

    This tells me, that I am either making serious mistakes, in how I deal with the monsters, or the THM is just a very weak character.

    Thanks, RaisenBranYum, for taking time to answer.

  6. RaisinBranYum

    RaisinBranYum New Member

    Hmmmmm I dont really know what the issue is. One tip I would give is to get cure as one of your cross class skills, so when you sleep the enemy, you can quickly bring yourself back up and continue dps. I think this is an issue that will just slowly go away as you level up more. I think I remember having similar issues as a low level THM, and the issue just sorta went away over time.

  7. Problem with lvling THM as your first job is that there are no jobs in your area that have healing spells. Like Cure or Physick which you can get from Conjurer in Gridania and Arcanist from Lisma. Unfortunately you don't get access to these areas until you get to lvl 15 I believe via airship.

    Not sure why a lvl 50 WHM would have trouble healing you even if you were over camping. All they would have to do is cast regen and stoneskin on you and call it a day.

  8. Adonsa

    Adonsa Crystal Brave

    Hi Crimson,
    Thanks for replying. I seem to have the THM on track, I put Cure, Aero, and Protect in as the 3 additions. I'm not yet sure those are the best choices; maybe I should put virus in there instead of Aero.

    Frustration is not finding the highest battle gear and weapon for each level-up. So at Level 15 and 16, my gear rating is only 12. Maybe using Chocobo makes up for that deficiency.

  9. Yuriko

    Yuriko New Member

    THM (well, BLM) is my main job, and I don't remember having much problems at the beginning - however, I was leveling up with a dps friend, so we shared dmg.
    Adding cure (cnj) or physic (arc) as a cross-skill definitely helps a lot, I even keep it on my hotbar at lvl50.
    With lvl15 you can finally start running dungeons. That should solve your leveling and equipment problems. Use the Duty Finder (and the Duty Roulette - nice exp bonus), farm the dungeons for gear and exp.
    As you level up and get better gear, soloing mobs will become more easier too.
    Regarding thunder:
    While I am in a dungeon with a party, and "trash" mobs die too fast, I don't cast thunder on them. I cast it at mobs who have high hp, die slow, and bosses.

  10. Tiberius Darksbane

    Tiberius Darksbane Crystal Brave

  11. Zheri

    Zheri Crystal Brave

    That's for end game only. There's another thread on here with similar questions and I wrote up a mini-guide in response. So I don;t necro that one, I'm just going to copy pasta from it.

    For a leveling THM, here's what you need to know...

    You'll be casting your spells with one of 2 buffs active.
    • Astral Fire: Increased MP cost and damage on Fire spells. Decreased MP cost and damage on Ice spells. MP does not regenerate.
    • Umbral Ice: Decreased MP cost and damage on Fire spells. Increased MP regeneration.
    Your rotation will consist of mainly 4 spells
    • Fire: Deals fire-based damage. Removes Umbral Ice or adds 1 stack of Astral Fire.
    • Blizzard: Deals ice-based damage. Removes Astral Fire or adds a stack of Umbral Ice. Inflicts Heavy (movement slow).
    • Thunder: Deals lightning-based damage over time.
    • Transpose: Swaps between Astral Fire and Umbral Ice.
    In practice, the meat of your rotation in dungeons will be 5x Fire > Transpose > Thunder > 3x Blizzard > Transpose > repeat. At level 22, you get Thunder II and should swap Thunder out for the upgraded version. (The DoT effect from multiple Thunder spells does not stack when cast by the same player, so casting both is a waste.) There's no other changes until you get to level 40.

    When solo grinding, however, you have to take your own survivability into account, and that means getting hit as little as possible. On ranged mobs, that just means burning them down ASAP and you'll start in with Fires straight away. On melee mobs, you can take advantage of Blizzard's Heavy by going Blizzard > Thunder > Fire spam. On particularly tough enemies, time Blizzard II to land when it gets in range, use the time it's bound to run away then recast Blizzard so it will land after the bind effect wears off.

    As far as Cross Class skills, THM has access to a few pretty good ones for both solo and group play. (Bolded abilities can also be used on BLM.)
    • Cure (lvl 2 CNJ) / Physick (lvl 4 ACN): These are carbon copies of each other so use whichever one you want. Since all leveling caster gear has both Mind and Int on it, your cures are almost as potent as a true healer's. I consider this essential for solo and very useful for lower level groups
    • Aero (lvl 4 CNJ): A 2nd DoT effect that you can use in lieu of one Blizzard, a slight DPS increase in dungeons.
    • Protect (lvl 8 CNJ): Boosts your pathetically low defense. Essential for solo, but your healer should be casting this in group play.
    • Raise (lvl 12 CNJ): Not essential, but it's nice to have a backup res in dungeons or just to be nice to any randomly dead player you come across while solo.
    • Stoneskin (lvl 34 CNJ): Not worth getting specifically for THM, but if you have it anyway it's OK.
    • Virus (lvl 12 ACN): Nice to have for quest bosses that hit decently hard or if your healer is having trouble keeping up in dungeons
    • Eye for an Eye (lvl 34 ACN): Useless for solo as you can't cast it on yourself, but something you'll eventually want for high level group play
    • Raging Strikes (lvl 4 ARC): Great DPS CD more suited to dungeons; will be unlocked on the way to 15 Archer that you need for Black Mage.
    • Quelling Strikes (lvl 34 ARC): Necessary for Binding Coil, but not something you need to rush out and get.
    • Internal Release (lvl 12 PUG): Best suited to dungeons and doesn't take all that long to get.
    • Blood for Blood (lvl 34 LNC): Use this if you already have it unlocked, but certainly not worth grinding to level 34 for a skill you won't be using past level 30.
    Typical ability setups I'd recommend assuming you've gotten every class to level 15, which is not a bad idea in itself as you get a taste of everything and in the order I would add them as you unlock slots.
    • Solo: Cure/Physick, Protect, Virus, Internal Release, Raging Strikes
    • Party: Cure/Physick, Raise, Internal Release, Raging Strikes, Aero
    • Black Mage: Raging Strikes, Physick, Virus, Quelling Strikes, Eye for an Eye
    Once you hit level 40 and get AF3 and UI3, you can start using the basic end-game rotation of 5x Fire > Blizz3 > Thunder 2 > Fire 3 > Repeat.

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  12. Flymolo

    Flymolo Adventurer

    ^^ Thats a great low lvl guide for THM. ^^

    What level mobs are you taking on that are killing you so much? I dont remember having much issue starting as THM either. I didnt get a cure until I could take the airship to other cities to get secondary jobs.

    If you have arc to lvl 5, you should have access to physik for heals. If mobs start hitting too hard, sleep then heal yourself. HP wont tick up fast enough on its own.

  13. Adonsa

    Adonsa Crystal Brave

    Hi Zheri,
    Wow, Thanks very very much. I'm absolutely putting these into THM practice.

  14. The47thSen

    The47thSen Scion

    Definitely, I ran into a newbie being pummeld doing a solo fate while I was smacking some dummies so I threw an adlo on him. Lasted the whole 30s and took 0 damage the whole time. I wonder if he now thinks scholars have some kind of invincibility skill :eek:

  15. Maggie May

    Maggie May Crystal Brave

    If it make you feel any better I felt the same way when I began THM, I probably died more as that class than any other... I am at this point 26 and just got my swiftcast. I do find at this point things are a little easier and the class is beginning to be a lot more fun to play. Every class has at least one skill you need to use against multiple mobs and sleep is the one which will help out in that regard. When you get to .. I think lvl 15 you will get a class quest which will test you on this... I died many times until I got it right. Lots of good advice in the other posts , one thing that may help you is learning about the various attacks that may be lvled at you by some of the monsters out there. I play several classes and the casting classes that have a cooldown make it difficult to cast and then move out of the way of some of the monsters. Practice against the various mobs that have red areas ... cone attacks etc. you learn to judge your timing and how many casts you can make before you need to move to avoid damage. (I have an unabiding hatred for Stropers ... timing is so crucial with some of the Mobs...)

  16. It sort of gets better when you get Scathe. Then you can do hit and run.

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