Dragoon DRG doing same dmg with every upgrade

Discussion in 'Disciples of War' started by GoobueGirl, Dec 1, 2015.

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    Even in lower dungeons i do same dmg so i don't know what the problem is. I see other drgs doing 5000+ dmg. My normal dmg is between 1200-1800 and my crits are 2500-3200. My armor is an reg esos head and body. My hands, belt, and pants are from pharos sirius(hard) and arboretum. My boots are the law gear. All my jewelry are law gear and one ring is valerian. The cooldown between attks is 4 sec. From 53-60 i still doing same dmg. Most of the time its reg attks, not crit.

    My routine:
    HT>CT combo
    Phlet>FT combo
    HT>FT combo
    Phlet>CT combo
    HT>FT combo
    Phlet>HT combo

    Then i have :
    HT>internal rel>imp>leg sweep>dismb>power surge>BB>choas>jump>phlet>dragondive>TT>spineshatter>vorpal>life surge>FT>HT

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    A couple of questions before we figure this out.

    1.) Are you level 60 now? The routine you mentioned (if I remember correctly) is pretty much the pre-level 60 rotation. At level 60, you'll benefit from a slightly different rotation. I notice you don't have Fang and Claw or Wheeling Thrust in that rotation. If you're level 60, they should definitely be in there. So first question, are you level 60 yet? We can talk about your routine from there.

    2.) 4 sec cooldown between attacks seems really long. Isn't it supposed to be around 2.5 sec? If your gear is mostly eso and law, it's weird to imagine your cooldown being so long. Are you sure it's 4 secs?

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    Just in case this point was overlooked—When running a lower level dungeon your stats get synced down to the level of that dungeon, so you won't hit any harder in there (unless you unsync the dungeon, which doesn't let you acquire party members from the Duty Finder)

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