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    I wanted to make this thread to share my experience and to see if you people perhaps getting the same results. Sadly I can´t use a parser on PS3, but I mainly check the enmity bars in group window.

    First of all, I guess I found out the real DPS order and importance of stats:

    In generel Dragoon can be 2. best DPS together with Bard, Monk would have the most DPS. Surprisingly Black Mages almost never get higher DPS on enmity bar than those 3 mentioned classes, I think they nerfed Black Mage a bit.

    Bard is often to be seen with the highest enmity bar after tank and heal, this is because they often attack as first and don´t have movement DPS delays, since they are a ranged class. So Dragoon can only keep up or even do more DPS than Archer, if he doesn´t lose too much DPS due to movement. This is why Dragoon has skills like Doom Spike, which is highly ranged with a great area of effect damage potency - to compensate the loss of close range damage.

    I checked all possible rotations and came to this conclusion:
    *Heavy Thrust included to every rotation
    Leg Sweep*: When it´s cooled down, shifting between skills

    True Thrust > Vorpal Thrust > Full Thrust > Leg Sweep*
    Decent DPS, the rotation if backstabbing isn´t possible

    Impulse Drive(backstabbing) > Disembowel > Chaos Thrust > Leg Sweep* > True Thrust > Vorpal Thrust > Full Thrust
    Great DPS, the rotation if backstabbing is partly possible

    Impulse Drive(backstabbing) > Disembowel > Chaos Thrust > Leg Sweep*
    Impulse Drive(backstabbing) > Disembowel > Leg Sweep* when already doted by Chaos Thrust
    Doom Spike when target is in wrong/unefficient position
    Highest DPS, the rotation if backstabbing is possible mostly

    Didn´t see any other senseful DPS combination, the jumps would decrease your DPS since their animation is long and sometimes delaying - they are only usefull for distance backtracking(Spineshatter Dive), distance attack while not beeing able to move to target(Jump) and AoE shifting(Dragonfire Dive).

    What do you experienced or think about?

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    Well, I don´t use that forum really and but it seems Lodestone is more active.

    I have some different experiences, for example Chaos Thrust shouldn´t be used again until it´s dot is gone.

    1. Using Chaos thrust only once in 30 sec
    2. Using Phlebotomize on dot-CD isn´t very effective if you´re good on backstabbing, since it´s dot only compensates for less damage on Phlebotomize, also dot doesn´t count to dps parsers and enmity I think - well at all it shouldn´t be such a impact if you use it or not, but at all it´s better for dps parse and enmity, NOT to use it in max DPS rotation
    3. True Trust, Vorpal Thrust and Full Thrust are not profiable on the max DPS rotation unless you can backstabbing the target constantly. Impulse Drive and Disembowel ALWAY do more DPS, since they are more initiate DPS(180, 220, 180, 220...) and also rise in damage with Disembowels 10% piercing resistance debuff on target

    I used those in your link mentioned rotations before, but when I used only my max DPS rotation, I suddenly got waay more enmity(enmity bar in group window) than all others, except tank. And Dragoon doesn´t have any taunt skills, so...

    I think that thread made too much fuss about it and while you trying to translate all that rotations to ingame reality, you would have done already way more DPS with just Impulse Drive > Disembowel(plus Chaos Thrust every 30 sec) > Leg Sweep/ repeat - Doom Spike as filler on distance situations, all the time.

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