Does anybody have experiences with this?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by petertohen, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. petertohen

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    Is it worth it?

    My blacklist has really grown since I started playing, but that is no evidence in itself.
    Is it worth screenshotting every single goldseller /RMT/ power level spam and file reports to S/E?

    Does anybody have experiences with this? I mean, we pay a fee so I assume the moderation is active, so in theory we could just stomp out this practice as a community if we keep up the effort?

    Unless y'all is buying ofcourse hehehe :shifty:

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  2. GeekMatt

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    You can just right click their name and hit report for RMT bots, and once enough people have reported, the bot will be removed. This has had a huge impact on the Gil sellers since it was implemented.

    As for sending screenshots etc. It's probably not worth it, since screenshots can be altered I don't think they take them seriously and instead they investigate the game logs. So for this sort of thing I'd suggest using the in-game reports and giving as much information as possible such as time, location and what you witnessed.

    I wouldn't go out of your way to hunt them down though unless that's something you enjoy, since you'd only have a minor impact and it would just eat up your game time and waste your sub

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