Do you think FFXIV is too easy ?

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Do you think FFXIV is currently too easy?

  1. It is too easy; but I still love it!

  2. It is too hard; but I still love it!

  3. It is just right; and I love it!

  4. Too early to tell....

  1. Dragon

    Dragon Scion

    I was 75 in Dragoon, Dark Knight, White Mage, Red Mage, Ninja, & Dancer. Actually, FFXI had no sort of class restriction system. Whether it was Kirin, Byakko, Bahamut V2, the kings, the Sea Jailers, Salvage, Einherjar, Limbus, Omega/Ultima, or what have you - the problem was more so that people were too damn lazy to gear up for their classes. Granted, I didn't actually get into or near endgame until after the 2hd update for my DRG & DRK, I did take a break from leveling my DRG when ToAU came out to level RDM & WHM despite the fact I had been 55 when ToAU came out and could've just leached on Colibri-based parties.

    Why? I knew if I continued, I wouldn't have been able to effectively gear myself. I had a lot of high-level friends, including a Gungnir owner & a Kikoku owner by that time. Being that I had practically singlehandedly built the single-largest DRG-only shell to ever grace Vana'diel (and I was only an officer of this linkshell, mind you), I found nearly every single DRG on Fairy and talked to others on other servers, I had come to realize that even though I was always good at outparsing others whether it was against crabs, ants, spiders, or what-have-you, it was obvious I needed to find a way to get better gear.

    (Interesting facts: I later left that linkshell, after being berated for choosing to level other classes to 75 first, those berating me for it later quit to level Summoner just because of the Dragoon-Emote update, and almost everyone dropped the linkshell based on my choice despite that I left as quietly as I did. When I finally did get DRG to 75, only a few others actually had better gear than me, while those that berated me if they even had DRG at 75 still had shitty gear.)

    So the real problem was and is that all the people that whined at least beyond the 2hd update (not before the 2hd update, since yeah, it was just stupid albeit Penta Thrust being changed was also stupid), while they may claim one thing or another their only real problem was refusing to gear up. (Oh and another problem with classes like Dragoon? They didn't exactly get Haubergeon-esque gear until ToAU.)

    Now to the content of your post: I don't mean just some sort of combo system, I mean enemies that are strong against one type but weak against another. Like how crabs should be strong against piercing & weak against slashing, while flyers should be weak against piercing, water elementals should be weak against thunder, strong against fire. There's no excuse not to have a type-weakness for enemy monsters, and yes I absolutely do mean having it so a class is ineffective at some events while effective at others.

  2. YuriSan

    YuriSan Crystal Brave

    We will only know when it is actually released and we try the endgame endgame.
    till then its all just speculations.

    Leveling seems really easy and fast in the Beta, then again @ the end of 1.0 you could get from 0~50 in a day or so
    if you had a person willing to power level you.
    For me (and I can't stress that enough) For me the best length
    of the leveling curve was a little after 1.0 was launched where u had to grind for hours and hours to gain
    one level, but that's just me. I like grinding and s**t, You get to know your fellowgrinder
    and have memories of the times u did it while @ the same time exercise your
    job, Look @ it as a basic training and such.
    Practice makes best.
    If all else fails just pick one job you really like in ARR
    and grind it the traditional way. then all the rest get as fast as you can
    and get everything capped to get it over with.
    But at least grind one job like theres no tomorrow.

    Maestro Sartori
    Amabella Warrelwind
    Psalms One
    Hugo Mars
    Liquid Silk
    Shaze Stewart

    ^ Those were the names of the people
    I took my path grinding to my first ever 50.
    I remember them till today.

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  3. Boxworm

    Boxworm Adventurer

    No, I didn't mean that XI restricted any classes, I meant the playerbase did. I do feel that there were situations in which certain jobs were more effective, absolutely. But overall I think all jobs could be useful in most situations, if they were used properly.

    And that's the issue -- aside from not being mandatory in any way, some jobs were more difficult to master than others. I vividly recall people running Dynamis naked or in otherwise nearly completely useless gear, such as lvl 10 armor. They did this because they were too lazy to gear up properly, or had arrived late. No one cared, because these naked people were playing 'desirable' jobs. (Obviously, this was not true in the case of the puller/tank, but you get my meaning.) These jobs were usually harder to fail at than others.

    And yet, if a PUP had showed up in the best PUP gear available, full relic gear/weapon, and complete gear sets for weaponskills/abilities... the Linkshell would've laughed him off, and told him to go level something useful. (I really wish I was joking.)

    I agree about the type/damage weaknesses, which unfortunately were not even a huge concern in FFXI. I remember joining parties while they were still forming, and suggesting certain players to them based on what we needed and were going to fight -- and of course I'd explain too how the job could benefit the party. 90% of the time, they would respond 'lol that job sucks, I'm just going to wait until a DRG flags up.' And I'd answer, 'why a DRG? We're fighting Skeletons.' And they'd say something like, 'lol noob, DRG is best DD in the game. I don't party without a DRG.' So we'd wait and wait until someone found a DRG, and then the party would fail pretty hard.

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