Disgraced : The traitor from Garlemald.

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    This is a Link - Journal , All contents placed within it are shared with anyone who possess a compatible Link Journal as well as the Journal password.

    Hyral : Entry 1.

    My name is Maroon Navaris and I used to be called the Dark Knight of Garlemald. Suffice to say I was more than proficient in the Dark Knight Art of Combat. I've reached Gridania and am in the north shroud. I've had to destroy my armor and weaponry and stole the garb of a passer by.

    I made sure to use a potion on him so that he wouldn't remember a thing. The art of the Dark Knight isn't known in Eorzea so I've begun to learn the art of the Lancer to keep my cover and defend myself. I don't know if any of you succeeded during the battle but I sure as hell saw more then one of the Garlean Airships fall out of the sky.

    Also I had to put down the boy you we were considering recruiting, he stood in my way after I took out the crew.

    If you need to make contact in person , I'm going by the alias Delita Hyral.. you know from that story we loved as kids. Suffice to say that with all the troubles they're having in Gridania it isn't hard to go unnoticed.

    P.S The photos and document attached in the fold have been sent to me by an ally within Garlemald's administration.

    Entry One ~ Over.

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