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    Greetings, everyone!

    Bayohne here live from the Stormblood Media Tour taking place in San Francisco! While we're busy showing off Stormblood goodness to the press here, it seems that Project Manager U in Japan is gathering a list of some nice quality of life changes coming to FFXIV! Today we'll be focusing on scratching some itches that have been itching for our adventurers for some time now.

    You can now drag and drop menu items onto your hotbars!
    It's always looked like this was possible, so I'm sure a lot of people tried it not knowing they couldn't do this!

    So you now take this...
    And you grab it like so...
    And then...
    You can finally put it on the bar!
    How many of you have tried doing this before? (Many of us at SE are guilty of this actually.)

    When flying...
    It will soon be possible to access targets/objects when flying if you are below a certain altitude, automatically landing and initiating the interaction!
    I'm sure many players will be happy to hear about this one. Also, the bounding movement when jumping down is pretty cute.

    Detrimental effects that can be removed
    A mark will now be shown at the top of the detrimental effect icon for effects that can be removed using esuna and the like.

    Detrimental effects that cannot be removed will retain the same icon as before.

    This change will be applied to the icons on the party list as well.

    Minion tweaks
    If you have a minion summoned when logging out, the same minion will now automatically return to your side when you log back in!
    I don't have to worry about keeping my wind-up Titan by my side at all times.

    Lounging Around
    From now on, when going into an instance while sitting or lying down...
    [​IMG]'ll return in that state as well.
    Finally, I don't have to sit back down when returning from a duty. This'll save me hours!

    This was just a taste of some of the quality of life changes appearing in Stormblood! We'll continue to bring you new information via various channels, so keep on looking forward to the day it hits in just over a month!

    - Bayohne
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