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Discussion in 'Mateus' started by DarDraconus, Aug 8, 2017.

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    Hello Folks,

    We are 3 close to or to retirement age buddies looking for 1-2 (for now) more members to join us to fill out 4 man groups.
    We play every day, very casual, decent to fair skills. We aren't going to set any records, but we have a good time chatting each other up and playing the game.

    We aren't looking for any particular lvls or such in your characters. We really don't care. We just want some more folks in our age range (preferably, but not absolutely), similar casual attitudes toward gaming, and want to help us grow our FC then we may be for you and you may be for us.

    Respond here, or give me a holler in game. I am either on Dar Draconus or Lone Inferno (been playing him more).


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